Leena, Lacy and Belinda....

Hello, my friends!

Wait 'til you see what I've been up to!  First of all....I have exciting news!  I NOW have my very first stamp in my passport!  Yep....I traveled outside of the US for the very first time this past weekend and I went all the way to Canada...all alone!  HAHAHA!  I know...for those of you who are seasoned travelers this sounds pretty lame.  For me, though, it was a big deal.  I flew to Toronto, Canada to visit my amazing friend, Leena.  Ours is a friendship that came to be thanks to Stampin' Up! and the Man Upstairs.  Wow!  What an incredible blessing she is in my life.  We spent most of our (very short) time together doing what we love to do....STAMPING!  

We have had many FaceTime conversations making plans for some pretty exciting NEW projects and events that we will be announcing very soon.  We can't WAIT to share them with all of you!!

One of the "magical" places she took me during my visit was the Lindt Chocolate Outlet.  WOWZA!!
It was AWESOME!  Now...one thing that we crafters and stampers tend to do is find everyday items to use in projects.  I knew at first glance when we walked into the Lindt outlet that we were going to have a very long list of fun projects to create with the pure deliciousness that greeted us there. 

Here's one of the sweet "inspirations" we first laid eyes on.  We knew immediately exactly what we wanted to create.....

How cute is THAT??  Check out those stinkin' cute ladybug chocolates too!
Okay....so we gathered all of our inspiration....and maybe a few extras to sustain us while we worked...and headed back to Leena's studio.  
How many of you have stacks of these empty embellishment containers gathering dust in your craft space?  

You know you just CAN'T throw them out because surely there's the perfect project just waiting for you to use them.  THIS is that project!

Ok....so as the title says, this post is about "Leena, Lacy and Belinda"....I've told you about Leena so now let me introduce you to.....
"Belinda the Bee" and "Lacy the Ladybug"....

Aren't they just stinkin' cute??  We had SO much fun creating them and getting them just right.  We cut out the center section of the lids of the containers and added a window sheet so that the chocolates stay put.  The wings "fan out" and reveal the chocolate inside.  We lined the inside of the containers with cardstock circles and added a "rim" with cardstock to the lids.  The wings are attached with brads so they move!!  What "cutie patooties" would be complete without a touch of the sparkly "Wink of Stella" on their noses and cheeks.
We haven't put together a tutorial for these girls yet but if you're interested, just let us know.

I feel SO incredibly blessed to have such an awesome friend and I LOVE working with her.
You're not going to want to miss what we have in store for you.
If you're in Canada, (or anywhere in the world for that matter), check out her blog at http://alacards.blogspot.com/  She's an incredible stamper and will inspire you.  Trust me!  Check out her awesomeness!

Wishing you a wonderful day ahead...
Stamped Blessings,