Color Inspiration Challenge - Wanna Play?

Happy Weekend!

We are absolutely chillin' this weekend.  It's been a crazy last few weeks and I think we've earned some "R and R".  I'll be stamping some and organizing too.  That sounds relaxing to me.

I want to share a fun, new challenge with you.  Sometimes I find myself stumped for ideas when I'm ready to create a new card or project.  How do I get past it?  Well, here's a little known fact about me....I'm a "magazine fanatic/collector".  I could seriously spend a mint on magazines.  Sure I love them for the articles and information....but I LOVE them for the gorgeous photos too.  I've found a LOT of inspiration while flipping through a magazine while waiting in line at the grocery store.  Hahaha

So....I want to challenge YOU.  Here's a photo I came across this week and it has inspired a few new projects in my studio.  I think it's just gorgeous.  I love the colors, the theme and the overall

Here's the challenge.....Are you ready?? 

1.  Create a card or 3D item that comes from inspiration from this photo....It can be the colors  (some or all), the theme or whatever your "take away" is from the photo.

2.  Email me a photo of your project at

3.  I will have all of the projects here and will have my team pick a winner.

4.  The deadline?  All entries need to be received by next Saturday, September 6th.

What's the prize??'ll have to wait and see!  It will be from the New Holiday Catalog!  Wahoo!  Speaking of which....Do YOU have a copy of the new Holiday Catalog?  If not, message me and I'll send one out to you asap.  You're not going to want to miss a thing in there!  It's probably my favorite one ever!

So......what are you waiting for??  Get busy creating!  I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Wishing you a magical day,