Sock it to me, Baby!

Happy TGIF!!  Wahooo!  We made it!

I've been in the studio a lot this week and I have a few new goodies to share with you.  The one I'm sharing today just rocks my socks.  (Total props for this design go to my friend, Rose-Ellen Eastman)  Last year at Stampin' Up! Convention we visited the booth for the Hispanic Market and we saw the most adorable project on their table.  It was an "oven" cupcake holder/box.  Can I find the photos I took of it?  Um...nope.  Can she?  Um....nope again.  So....being the beast designer that she is....Rose-Ellen recreated it and WOWZA is it fun to make!

She made both the "oven" and a sweet "washing machine".  I decided to CASE it and I made it into a "dryer".  How fun is THAT??  To see her easy to follow instructions, just Click Here  Believe me when I say that you will  be making more than one of them.  They're addictive!

Here's what I came up with...

Is that not the cutest thing??  The onesie, bib and socks were made using a new set of Framelits that are from the New catalog called "Baby's First".  Inside the dryer are baby socks.  Now, I know it doesn't make much sense to have them in the form of a cupcake but I couldn't resist. 

Now don't you want to go buy some cute baby socks and make some of your own?  Public Service Announcement: (and I preface it by saying I get NOTHING for telling you this info) I found Princess Anna and Princess Elsa socks at the Target Dollar Stop today!!  How fun is THAT??'s time for me to turn in.  I have a snoring puppy here at my feet and every once in awhile she'll crack one eye open and "harrumph" at me.  I'm sure she's thinking, "Seriously, Mom??  Can we PLEASE be done?" 

Wishing you a FABULOUS Friday and inky fingers in your near future.

Have a magical day!