NEW Vintage Toy Punch Art Design

Hey there, Peeps! 

Happy Tuesday!

I've been just itchin' to share this new punch art design with you.  If you've been following me for a bit, you've seen the other two punch art toy designs I've created...Mr. Potato Head and Etch A Sketch.  I'm having a blast working on the newest designs and this one was no exception.  I created it and the shared it as a make and take this past weekend at the Northern Virginia Stamping Friends Regional.  The ladies LOVED it.  Whew!  Are you ready to see it??  Okay...Here you go...

How fun is THAT?    It's one of my favorite toys from childhood...a Viewmaster!  I absolutely love using the corner rounder on the Envelope Punch Board.  I tell you what...I think that thing can do just about everything short of making toast!  What an incredible tool.  If you haven't gotten one need to move it to the very top of your "Must Have" list.  You can not only create envelopes but also tons of other projects included boxes and gift items and the corner rounder is just icing on the cake.

I love the Watercolor Wonder DSP as the background on this card.  It fits perfectly and there's not one pattern in the pack that I don't LOVE.'s where YOU come in.  I'm working on new vintage toy punch art designs and I'd love to hear your suggestions for the toys you loved when you were growing up.  Punch Art is truly something I love to create and getting to share it with you is the BEST.

I know I've said it a LOT but I look at punches like a "staple" in my wardrobe...a "little black dress".
A circle punch is SO much more than just a circle...It can change into a puppy...a stop light...the lenses of a Viewmaster and SO much more.  Take your punches out and see where they take you.  It is a ton of fun creating something brand new with them.  You'll love it.

You can find everything you need at my Online Store.  I'll be here ready to cheer you on...answer all of your questions and especially here to cheer for you and your new punch art projects.  
Come on and get "punchy" with me!  
You'll be SO glad you did.

Wishing you a magical day,


  1. I've been racking my brain trying to think of some good ideas for punch art about: Lite Brite, Etch a Sketch, anything Barbie of course :) Or how about the Muppets? Especially since they have a new movie. Hopefully one of those ideas might work for you & provide some inspiration!!

  2. I love this! When I was young we didn't have much. I do remember some basic fisher price pull toys, the phone, the popcorn popper and my very favorite a fire engine. I was somewhat a tomboy I guess. How about Hello Kitty & Tokidoki?


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