Wogging & Me...Just Keeping it Real

So I decided today on my wog that I was going to write this post.  Today's wog (to be absolutely honest) sucked out loud.  I'm going to write about my journey thus far but I preface it by saying that it hasn't always been sunshine and happiness.  It's been hard.  Really hard sometimes.  Today my legs felt like Jell-o and I was sore like WHOAH.  But I made it home and I'm incredibly proud of myself for not giving up.  So here's my story.  The good...the bad...and the jiggly.

Ok, so some of you have asked about my Facebook statuses regarding "wogging".  Wogging is what I call my walks/jogs.   When Brittany got engaged last year I kept thinking to myself, "I will NOT be the biggest mother of the bride EVER at my daughter's wedding".  I wanted to lose weight and just feel better in my own skin.  Now I had gradually put on weight year after year and had hit an all time high of 252 pounds.  Yep....252.  That's keeping it as real as I can people.  I used to be so secretive about how much I weighed....like saying it made some HUGE difference.  What the heck???  People could SEE I was huge.  THAT'S not exactly a secret.  I found out that once I just said it out loud a few times, it sort of took the fear out of it and made me feel like I was taking ownership of it.

Well....like most things in life I found myself just a few short months away from the wedding and time seemed to be speeding along.  There I sat....no weight loss.  I kept thinking things like "once it warms up I'll get outside and walk" or "once things slow down I'll have more time to exercise".  Yeah, right.
We all know that things NEVER really slow down and we all should stay active...warm or cold...sunny or rainy.  So I decided I was done.  I was taking back my body.  I joined Weight Watchers just to get a starting point and have some accountability.  I had tried other "diets" and they never worked.  I knew that what WW talks about (a lifestyle change) was not a bunch of BS.  It truly is about changing the way you eat and the way you live.  I am NOT an expert....I'm not even really too smart about all things "nutrition and fitness"...I just know what's been working for me.

I started walking.  Just walking.  I took along my iPhone and I had an app that would measure the distance and time.  I'd listen to music while I walked.  When I started I struggled to go ONE mile.  It sucked out loud.  No lie.  It would take me about 21 minutes to do it and it wasn't pretty.  I was relentless.  I went when I felt good....I went when I felt like crap.  I went when it was sunny....I went when it drizzled.  I made myself do it.  At first I grumbled and I thought I should just give up.  After all I was 250 pounds! 

Long story short....I didn't quit.  I kept going out there and slowly the weight  started coming off.  I wasn't going to WW on a regular basis.  I really figured out the amount of food I could eat....feel satisfied...and still lose weight.  It just started to click.  After awhile I was up to 3 miles!!  My times were getting faster and I didn't dread it.  I was actually starting to look forward to that time of the day.  Mike started to come along sometimes and we loved being able to just have time to be together and chat.  It was GREAT.

One day my friend, Stephanie came over for a stamp camp.  Now Steph is a runner.  She's done half marathons!!  WOW!  She said, "You know you should sign up for a 5K.  You're already going the distance.  Why not?"  I laughed out loud!!  A 5K!  Are you kidding me?  She and her husband had already decided that they were signing up for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon this November.  She said that they have a 5K the day before.  She said I could walk the entire 5K and she'd do it with me.  Wow.  I never in a million years would have thought about a 5K.  Seriously?  Well....within a week I had registered for the race!!  I know, right??

Mike is SO excited for me and he is quite the cheerleader.  I've continued my walks and started to jog parts of them. (thus the term "Wog").  I'm actually starting to miss it when I skip a day.  I'm doing 3.5-5 miles each time and my average pace per mile has gone from 21 minutes to between 13:50-15:00 per mile.  I can't believe it!!  Even more unbelievable to me is that I'm jogging parts of each mile.  Me??  Jogging??  Yep!  That's just crazy!  I'm proud of myself....and that's a very good thing.

Now...even more awesome than that....I've gone from 252 pounds down to 214!  I have a long ways to go but I'm on my way.  Some days (like today) I feel crappy most of my wog.  I don't feel like and athlete.  But...I will go back out there again tomorrow because I want to be the one that is in control of my body and NOT let the food take over again.  I honestly feel better than I ever have physically.  I have a husband who can't stop telling me how amazing I look. (I still have a hard time believing it...another story)...and shopping for clothes is fun again.  I've gone from wearing a size 22 to wearing between a size 14/16.  I love having more energy and just feeling better in my own skin.

So...about the wedding.  One week ago today Brittany and Sam got married.  Yes, I was her matron of honor and YES I wore a dress that I had dreaded buying.  When I was measured earlier this year for my dress I was still huge.  When the dress came in, it was a size 24.  I wanted to throw up.  A few weeks before the wedding we went to have my dress fitted.  The seamstress had to take my dress in SEVEN INCHES!!!  WAHOO!  And I can tell you that on the day of the wedding it was still too big!  HAHAHAHAHA!  What an amazing feeling!!

I'm not writing all of this to toot my own horn.  I'm just hoping that for those of you who have asked about "what" it is that I'm doing this will help you see that YOU can really do it too.  You just have to decide to take the power back.  It's your body and YOU are in charge.  I still eat things that I love.  I just eat less of them and I burn calories by going out and wogging.  My goal now is to be below 200 pounds by race day, November 9th.  I am enjoying the journey and I'm hopeful I will make it.  I'll keep you posted.

Wishing you success,


  1. Way to go Michelle, I'm so proud of you!

  2. Congrats to you! I joined WW in 2011 and haven't looked back. I too was over 200 pounds! I told myself I would never get that heavy, well 3 kids and just letting myself go and there you have it. I reclaimed my life! I reached goal last year and have kept most of the 63 pounds lost for close to a year! KEEP MOVING! As Dory says "Just keep swimming!!"

  3. Congratulations on many goals being made, but most of all for STARTING and for sticking with it! As someone who hides most of the time too, you inspire me to reclaim myself! Thanks!

  4. Awesome! You are doing a FANTASTIC JOB! And I am positive you will get there! Thanks for sharing your story! I have been in your shoes! I was 192 lbs this past December! I now weigh 157 lbs. If I can do it anybody can! I started walking & doing pilates! Both are great exercises that anyone can do! Please keep sharing your experiences with us! It helps keep things in perspective!


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