Blessed beyond measure....

Hey there, Peeps,

Tonight my heart is so full of joy.  Today was a day I will never, ever forget and I will treasure the memories forever.  Today was a wonderful celebration in my hometown, Fredericksburg, VA.  We had a lovely "Garden Party" themed Bridal Shower for Brittany and Sam and it was just awesome sharing all the love and joy with some of of family and friends. 

Brittany looked absolutely stunning and Sam was handsome as always.  They got some wonderful gifts and I think the reality that their wedding is coming up soon has finally set a GREAT way.  :-)

Today was also an incredible day for another reason.  After the festivities were over, we were cleaning up and I decided to change back into my comfy shoes.  I was sitting down changing them and I noticed Zach watching me.  When I looked up at him he said, "Mom is beautiful".

I have no words....

I can't even begin to tell you what it did to my heart.  My son who doesn't talk said that I'm beautiful.  That's better than any gift I've ever been given and it is an unimaginable gift.  One that I'll treasure always.

I'm thanking God tonight for all that He's given me and for sending me a sign reminding me that He's in control and that He loves me and will never, ever let me go.  I'm feeling blessed beyond measure.

So here are some lovely smiles and wonderful memories from the day...

The beautiful bride and handsome groom...Brittany and Sam
Wiley Kate and Reid - Our lovely Junior Bridesmaids

Linz and my Mom (Nannie)

The "Junior" Crew...Wiley Kate, Reid and Owen - The Junior Groomsmen
A gift for Sam from Mike...."All he needs to know"......a "Yes, Dear" tshirt

Brittany loved it!
My two "little sisters", My cousins, Heather and Richelle with Richelle's girls, Wiley Kate and Reid
Two of my favorite people EVER. I grew up with Tecia and Tammy.  They are twins (duh!) and were two of my bridesmaids.  Fun Fact...Britt has twins in her bridal party too!
Britt with Nannie and the Great Aunts...L to R: Frances, Jessie, Nannie, Brittany, Lelia, Betty, Linda, Margaret and Melba
My beautiful children
My new son  <3 br="">

Just the beginning of a wonderful love story....Stay tuned!  <3 br="">

Ok....I guess I need to stop....I have SO many more I could share.  If I haven't told you lately....THANK YOU for stopping by to check in with me and my family.  Thank you for your sweet notes, prayers and love.  It means more to us....than you'll ever know.

Blessings to all of you,


  1. Awwww...Zach was right, you looked beautiful. Thanks for sharing this sweet event.

  2. Thanks for sharing Michelle! One big happy family! Such a happy time!

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. It's for blogs with less than 200 followers. You can read more about it on my blog:
    I'm new to blogging but I love reading your blog!
    Thanks, Samantha

  4. Wow, Michelle, your story brought tears to my eyes! Your daughter and her hubby to be are a lovely looking couple - your daughter IS stunning and your story about your son would have burst my heart right open! I am so very happy for you - that is definately a blessing! Enjoy every second, Michelle! You deserve it! :)


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