What an AWESOME weekend!

Hey there, Peeps!!

WHEWWWWWW!!!!  What a weekend I've had!!!!
I know I've been slacking here on my blog for the past couple of weeks and I'm very sorry.  I have been burning the midnight oil getting ready for a VERY exciting presentation at Stampin' Up!'s Regional event in Baltimore, MD that was held yesterday.  Let me just say that April 13th will go down as one of my "BEST DAYS EVER".

I was really in shock when I got a call from Stampin' Up! asking me if I'd be a presenter.  I mean....I've sat through a LOT of awesome presentations at the numerous events I've attended and I could NOT believe they wanted ME to share some of MY work.  Holy Guacamole!!!  I was thrilled that they'd seen my punch art and asked if I'd be willing to share it with everyone at regionals.  Are you KIDDING me???

Well, fortunately for me they weren't kidding and so I used the last two weeks to create a few new "Suitably Punched" projects to take with me to the event.

I'm going to share a few of them here in this post and I'll have more coming up this week.  To be completely honest....I've spent SO many hours in my studio during the last two weeks so once I came home from Baltimore yesterday, I promised Mike, Linz and Zach that today I was "all theirs".  We had an awesome adventure with just the four of us today at National Harbor.  It was SO incredible to just laugh and relax and spend some "family time" together.  Needless to say, I didn't get many photos edited and things ready to upload here for the blog post tonight.  I promise you, though, you're going to have lots to see in the coming days and weeks!!

So....are you ready for a few new "critter" friends?  Here are a few of them who made the trip to Baltimore with me yesterday.....

First...  Here's "Barkley" and his two adorable pups, "Bruce" and "Bella...

Next, we have "Olive" the hedgehog and her adorable daughter, "Paisley...

And then there's "Tank"....He's just a big, honkin' pup who just makes me SMILE!...

Then there's "Fancy"...All dressed up with somewhere to go...

And "Fancy's" pal, "Scooter" who's just too cool for school!

So....what do you think?  Did they make you smile???  I hope so!  I'm having SO much fun creating new "critters" and I absolutely LOVE sharing them with YOU.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  I absolutely LOVE hearing from you all.  I can't wait to show you more!  Soon....I promise!

Alrighty....before I sign off and head up to bed I'll leave you with a few smiles from our little adventure from today.  I'm SO incredibly blessed.  I thank you...from the bottom of my heart....for being one of those blessings in my life too. 

Linz just cracked herself up!

Me with my "little" boy, Zach....Um, he's 6'6"!!

Me and my honey, Mike

Linz and her new "ride"....In front of the "Peeps" Store!

What a beautiful day to be outside with the ones you love...

Wishing you a magical day and a fantastic week ahead,


  1. Your presentation was by far my favorite at the regional event! I love your creativity! I would love to come stamp with you sometime!!

    1. Jen, thanks so much! Come on over! I'd love to stamp with you. :-)

  2. Congratulations, Michelle!! Your punch art is amazing. I love all of your critters and am in awe of the vision you have to create with punches.
    I had a friend ask me to make a thank you card for her to give to the vet. I told her I didn't have any cat or dog stamps...but the second I saw Tank, I knew he would be perfect!
    You are blessed, Yes!...and you are also a blessing!

  3. Your 'critters' are just soooo stinkin cute!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your punch art is amazing!! Of course they wanted you to share your creativity. Congrats!


  5. Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for saying "yes"to presenting at the Baltimore Regional! I loved your presentation and your amazing punch art!! I am featuring you and your work on my blog, Thursday, April 18th!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Hi Michelle! I saw your presentation at the Baltimore regional, and went looking for your website :) Loved everything you did! I'll be sharing your information with my downline (website address/facebook page) and look forward to seeing some more amazing projects in the future! Thanks so much for sharing your talent!

  7. Your Baltimore presentations was great! I love the punch critters and so happy that I have found your blog! Thanks for sharing your creativity.
    Monika Davis

  8. just saw your punch art creations for regionals, WOW, they are the best. Wish I could have been there.gail

  9. So very darling....do you have a tutorial for Scooter?


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