Ears to You...

Happy Tuesday!  Happy 2nd day of Spring Break!

Great news from here....the snow has melted.  Now if it warms up we'll be all set for some real, fun adventures.  I'll be in full "Julie McCoy-Cruise Director" mode and making the "magic" happen.
I think I can...I think I can!

Ok...I thought you might need a touch of spring as much as I do so I thought 
this card just might do the trick.  

How sweet is that "ears to you" stamp??  I love the new single stamps.  It's one of those that makes for a quick and easy....down and dirty card.  No fuss...no muss.
The best part is the price...$6.95!  Woot!
You can see all the other single stamps by Clicking Here.  
Hurry though.  March 31st some of them will be going away for good.

I have several Easter treats in the works for family and friends that use this 
same stamp on the bag topper.  Love it!

Okay...I'm off to the Ledo Deck check movie times for "The Croods". 
 I know you're jealous.  :-)

Oh!  Are you on Pinterest?  It's a wonderful world over there!  Be sure to look me 
up and dream along with me.  Just search for "Suitably Stamped"...

Have a magical day!