"Suit"able First Aid

Hello, my friends,

I absolutely HAD to share this here today.  I'm STILL laughing!!!!
Today Zach came home and had a pretty long cut on his chin.  It wasn't serious but it looked more like he'd cut himself shaving. I asked him what happened to his chin. (Now remember....he's autistic...)  He said, "Did you need a new razor?"  He often answers questions with other questions.  For example I might ask him, "How was your ice cream?" and he'd say, "Did you like it?".

Now Zach uses an electric razor.  Mike tried working with him a few times with a regular razor and....well, let's just say he didn't quite get the hang of it.  He gets up in the morning and gets dressed on his own and then heads downstairs to shave and brush his teeth.  He did just that this morning and I don't recall seeing the cut before school and I actually went out to wait for the bus with him this morning.  I'm not sure how it happened but.....

We came home and I changed into comfy clothes and sat down on the couch to check email.  About 15 minutes later he came back downstairs and said, "Did you fix the cut?"  

I looked up and this is what I saw.....

Well....I guess duct tape truly can be used for LOTS of things.  HAHAHAHAHAHA  I seriously laughed my butt off!!  He was SO proud of himself!!!

Never fear....  Linz took one look at him and said, "No...no...NO!  Zach come here and let me fix that for you".  She got him a "suit"able band aid and I'm happy to report that all is well.  I just thought some of you might be in need of a good laugh today  Some call it "autism"....I call it "creativity".  :-)

Wishing you a magical day!


  1. Nice going Zach! You gave us "Duct tape can be used for anything" guys a real positive uplift!!! And nice going Linz "Florence Nightingale" Suit for coming to the rescue.

    Thanks for sharing Michelle!

  2. LOL... Thank you for sharing the laughter... Always a bright spot in my day!!!


  3. How cute and sweet! Bless his heart.
    Faith and hugs...Leanne

  4. How cute. You know, duct tape comes in a variety of colors :) What a blessing he is!


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