Zach - Wearing his first shirt and tie in his favorite color - RED.  SO handsome!

My Friends,

For those of you who who have been following along.....

I posted a graduation "favor" celebrating Zach's upcoming high school graduation and that in and of itself makes my heart sing. brought a new and incredible reason to celebrate here at our house.

When I logged on to my email at work this morning I received an email from Zach's teacher.  She wanted to ask that I make sure that Zach brings his cap and gown to graduation rehearsal.  Hmmm......That's a little out of the ordinary.  Then I read the next part....

"Zach will be having his picture taken at rehearsal because he will be graduating SUMMA CUM LAUDE!!!"

I started crying when I read it....and when I re-read it....and I'm crying now as I type it here to share with you, my friends.  Autism is here....but Autism hasn't won.  God continues to bless us and God wins!  He always wins.

Thank you, Lord for always keeping our children in the palm of your hand.  Thank you for knowing them before they were ever conceived within my body.  Thank you for allowing me the ultimate blessing of being their mother.  I praise You and I thank You for all You have done and all You continue to do in the lives of all three of our children.

God is good....All the time.



  1. Very well done to your son! Happy Graduation, Zach! Blessings to all of you.


  2. Awe, fantastic! Thanks be to God who leads us in His triumph! God bless your family.

  3. Wow you've got me crying now too!! I work with children who have autism and they have been a blessing in my life even those on the low end of the spectrum. Blessings to you all and let the world know that with support children with autism are an important part of our society. Be proud, Mom!

  4. Congratulations to Zach and to you!! You have been blessed by the Lord in so many ways! Enjoy this wonderful moment in your life!

  5. I have tears running down my cheeks. Congratulations to both of you! WOW...

  6. I'm crying!!! THIS SO AWESOME!

  7. That is so beautiful, you have me in tears! What an amazing accomplishment!


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