A Cat With No Hat

Hello, my friends!

As I was editing the photo to post with this entry, Linz came in to kiss me goodnight.  She gave me the latest countdown.  "What countdown?", you ask....  Why the countdown til Friday, March 2nd, of course!  It's Dr. Seuss' 108th birthday and more importantly....THE PREMIERE OF  "THE LORAX" MOVIE!
Whew....She's been counting down for months!  Linz LOVES all things Seuss and I'm sure it will be another "best day ever" in her book.  

I think TODAY ranks right up there in the "best day" category though.  As you may know, Mike had the surgery on his face/nose this week and he's had a few minor complications.  He was planning on going back to work rather quickly since he figured it wouldn't be too extensive.  Well, the surgery was on Tuesday and he hasn't been back to work yet.  We'll see if he can go tomorrow for a bit.  The cancer on his nose was down through 2 of the 3 layers they go by when determining the extent of it.   His incision is the length of his nose and really quite wide.  The plastic surgeon did a great job from what we can tell.  He's still bandaged up.  He's had a LOT of swelling and resembles a prize fighter that didn't fair too well in the ring.  He had so much swelling and drainage in fact that the doctor wanted to see him today.  Unfortunately, he has an infection and is now on two antibiotics.
So....what's the GOOD news??  Well, while he was there the doctor received the pathology report and, PRAISE THE LORD, they got all the cancer!  WOOT!!  We are very relieved and are praying for a quick recovery.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support.

Ok....now on to the new PUNCH ART CRITTER I created for today's post.  Yay!!
I know I've had several of you who have asked when I was going to create a cat......Well....the time has finally come!
Here's the latest critter in my stamp room.....
Her name is Daphne...

Daphne is purrrrr-fectly plump and quite happy that way.  She was created out of a few pieces of card stock , a couple of punches and a little bling.  I hope she makes you smile.

Alrighty.....if you haven't taken advantage of all the Sale A Bration goodies and freebies...don't wait.  Today is March 1st and you don't want to miss it.

Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend,


  1. I'm so happy to hear (see?) you good news!! I adore Daphne. Her coloring is just like my cat Thelma lol. Do you share what punches you used? Blessings and enjoy The Lorax.
    Irene L

  2. Thank you SO much! I hope Thelma enjoys Daphne too. :-) I'll have to go back and recreate it and write down the punches. Hahaha She just sort of appeared on my craft table! No lie.

  3. Soooooo glad to hear Mike's good news! And I love the kitty.

  4. I am glad everything is working out. I love your punch ideas. I am looking forward to what you create next. I think the cat is my favorite so far.

  5. I have six cats and love this card. I will have to check back and see what punches you used. Thanks for posting. Fellow SU Rep, Waxhaw, NC Elaine


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