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Hello, my friends!

It's been a busy but fun weekend here at our house.  Brittany and Sam came home Friday night so that we could go to our first wedding venue appointment yesterday at Glen Echo Park in Maryland.   They've really been giving "where" they want to get married a LOT of thought and let me just say that Glen Echo is perfect!  Ok...I'm getting ahead of myself.

For those of you who don't "know" them...Britt met Sam during her freshman year at JMU.  She decided to try out the Swing Dance Club and they danced together a LOT.  (You HAVE to see them dance!  It's awesome!)

Anyway....they both love to dance and they fell in love....  That's the short and sweet version.  They have attended lots of dances at Glen Echo's Spanish Ballroom in the past five years.  They have swing dances every Saturday night in the Spanish Ballroom there and they have some of the most amazing swing bands around that perform there.  The park itself dates back to the early 1900's.  On a little side note...I've heard tales of my own Dad sneaking up on the bus to ride the coasters and other amusement rides when he was a young lad.  There's a gorgeous carousel that was installed back in 1921 and it has been renovated over the years and still runs every day throughout the spring and summer seasons.  It's music can be heard throughout the park.

So...we decided it might be a venue worth checking out...  Yesterday Britt, Sam and I met Sam's dad, Dave at Glen Echo (his mom was out of town) and took a tour with their Events Coordinator.  We all instantly fell in love with the Spanish Ballroom and know it's the perfect place to have their wedding ceremony and reception.

They had several photo books from past weddings on site and it was easy to envision all the possibilities for their day.   I'll be blogging about it more in the coming months so stay tuned. 

They had decided on the colors they want for the wedding and when we walked into the Ballroom....they were all there!  It is simply gorgeous.  The dance floor is over 100 years old and they do everything they can to take care of it.

Just a little sneak peek.....

So....the wedding date has been set.....and the venue has been chosen......

Saturday, July 27th, 2013 at 
Glen Echo Park
Glen Echo, Maryland

They've both decided on their groomsmen and bridesmaids and a couple of other details.  Britt has chosen a very unique and special way to ask her girls to be in the wedding.  She told me I could share it with you.
We went to our local craft store and bought these unfinished wooden boxes and some craft paint.  Then we chose sheets of scrapbook paper that captured not only some of the wedding colors but also the "feel" they are going for.   Then...we got to work....

 We painted the boxes with Cadmium Orange acrylic paint.  Once they were dry we adhered the printed paper to the lids and the mostly solid paper the bottom inside.  Then we used the new Framelits dies from Stampin' Up! and cut pieces for the outsides and insides of the lids.   We printed each girl's name on a piece of Very Vanilla card stock and then another for the inside and cut those out with the Framelits too.  Here's how they turned out....  I'll explain what's inside....

 Included in the each box are:  First, on the inside lid it says, "Be my maid?" asking the girl to be a part of the bridal party.  Then there's a swatch book we made with paint chips in the colors of the wedding.  Next Britt printed out four different cards that we then tied together.  They include:  "Our Day", "Your Role", "Your Dress" and "My Girls".  Each card has info for the girls to give them a feel for the wedding.  Then there are several photos of things like the Spanish Ballroom, Glen Echo Park, Dress Ideas etc.  It's such a fun idea and way better than just a phone call.  :-)  

The boxes will be going out in the mail to each of the girls this week so they'll have plenty of time to plan and get excited right along with us. I'm ready for a nap!  LOL.  No.  I wouldn't trade them memories we made this weekend for all the money (or sleep) in the world.  We are soaking it all in and enjoying every minute.

Before I sign off for today, here are a few pics of the kids I took before we left Glen Echo.  Ah, Love....

Wishing you a magical day and love beyond measure!



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