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Hey there, Peeps!

I'm back from my very first Stampin' Up! Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas and I'm feeling SO blessed.  Blessed by the generosity of my husband who pushed me and made it possible for me to get away on my own for a few days and learned how to put Lindsay's hair in a ponytail for work each day so I could go without guilt...and she wouldn't look like a "goofball" (her fear!)....Blessed by the new friends I made (including my awesome roommates)...Blessed by the numerous demos who read my blog and came up to say "Hi" and they were all so supportive.....Blessed by every single presentation by our SU! team from corporate.  They rock my socks and they helped me understand that it's okay to do things "My Way"....and finally, blessed by how loved and appreciated I am by my family and their sweet "Welcome Home" when I returned.

I have to share this reaction from Linz and Zach when I arrived home at Dulles....

What an awesome feeling!  Zach doesn't say much but he was sure excited and words just flowed! Traveling and adventures are fun and exciting but it's always good to get back home.  :-)

So....I thought I'd share a little about my trip.  First, let me just say that I've never been "under"whelmed by any Stampin' Up! event.  They definitely know how to do it right.  They think of absolutely every detail and make sure that each and every person feels appreciated and special.  It truly is NOT about the bottom dollar with them.  It's simply about sharing what we love.  I like that a lot.  They love to celebrate ALL the accomplishments of each and every demonstrator whether you're new to the company or you've been a demo for years.  They are (and I can't say this enough....) the most generous company I've ever seen.  It's a given that when you attend a Stampin' Up! event you better bring an extra suitcase to take all of the FREE STUFF home in or you'll need to ship a box back home.  It's amazing!!  Here's a little taste of some of the goodies I brought back with me.

From the Leadership Tote, themed notepad cover with a personally signed note from Shelli Gardner...to the free stamp sets, embellishments, ribbon, markers, mini catalogs and more....each and every item comes with their encouragement and love.  It's AWESOME!

I went to several classes and was so inspired by the personal touches and stories that each of the presenters shared.  Some of my absolute favorites were given by Carrie Cudney in "Why Women Buy" (she hit the nail on the head!)....another given by Natalie White and Jim Pitt - "Coaching For Performance" (they rocked it!) and I loved Donna Griffith and Patsy Waggoner's presentation of "Retaining and Engaging Your Downline".  Patsy is someone I'd like to sit and have lunch with so I could hear more!  Such a fantastic group.

The Main Stage presentations are always SO fun and just completely awesome.  This Leadership definitely did NOT disappoint.  I loved everything from Scott Nielson's "report" from the past year done as a spoof on Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood! (which ended with him doing and incredible SALSA DANCE...SO COOL!!) to Chad Richards coming out on a Harley!   It is always fun and inspiring to see our founder, Shelli Gardner share the stage with her daughter, Sara Douglass.  They both are SO fun and incredibly inspiring.  I love that family is such in integral part of who they are and what they bring to Stampin' Up!

I took along swaps and I'm SO glad I did.  The cards I received are just top notch and I will be taking photos of some to share with you all here on my blog in the coming weeks.

Here are a couple of photos from the trip....

Me with my roommates at breakfast before our first General Session... (from left to right:  Michelle, Me, Robin and Tara)

Our "GoDivas" swap group   
The RemARKables Dreambuilders

Me with Lisa Cool - a fellow demo from Kansas who reads my blog!  She just blessed my heart!  Thanks, Lisa!

Ok....I guess I'd better start emptying out all my dirty laundry and getting ready for the week ahead.  I have SO much more to share with you and I will post again soon with the details about our ONCE A YEAR...SUPER SPECTACULAR....SUPER DE DUPER.....SALE-A-BRATION!  WOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!  You're gonna LOVE IT!!!

Have a blessed Sunday and come back SOON!


  1. Michelle what a great post! I could only watch from SU's Facebook page, we could tell this was a fantastic event and I agree they never disappoint!


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