Growing Pains, Creepy Xrays and Prayer...

Hello my friends,

I thought I'd share some "NON" Stampin' related stuff tonight.  (Don't worry...more projects and stampin' news coming soon)

Today has been pretty eventful here for our family...

Brittany packed up her little car to the gills and headed back to college for her last semester.  It's so different here without her and I can honestly say it never gets easier watching her go. (Just growing pains....I know)  Nevertheless, she made it back safely and has a few days to get all that "stuff" out of her car and organized in her apartment before classes start.  Whew!  Sam...if you're reading this....better you than me going up and down those three flights of stairs!  ;-)  xoxo

Lindsay was due to start her second of three internships with Project Search at the hospital this week.  The only info we really had was that she would be working in the radiology department.  Since yesterday was our first day back at school/work after the Christmas Break we assumed she would start right away.  When she came home yesterday I asked her how it went and she said, "It was fine....I worked on the computer in our classroom.  I haven't gone to radiology yet.  I'm SO nervous."   Hmmm.....  So this morning I emailed her teacher/job coach and asked what the plan is and he wrote back explaining that they were getting a couple of other students settled in with their new departments and going slower with Linz so she'd be really comfortable in her placement.

Ok...that's ok.  Right?  Well....right before I was ready to log off of my computer at school today I received the following email from her teacher (who is AWESOME!).  Needless to say....she's MORE than ready to get started!

Hi Michelle,

Let me tell you first of all I thought I lost your daughter today. I had to step out of the room to check on a situation with one of the other students. When I came back, Lindsay was gone. I know it is not like her to leave (she still asks for permission to go to the bathroom). She was supervised by a job coach and with a few of the interns that were on break when I left so, I assumed she went with one of the job coaches when break was over and I was not back. Well, a couple of minutes went by and the job coaches came back to check in and share out. No Lindsay. They said they remembered the Director of Radiology had been in to check on her, but she must have gone to the restroom. A few minutes later, still no Lindsay. So we struck out to check the bathrooms and cafeteria to see if she went to lunch. Nope.

I found her in the Radiology waiting room sitting behind the info desk with a huge smile and a greeting!! Hi Mr. Gast! I'm just doing some alphabetizing! She had gone on a tour of the department and decided to get a jump on some work. When the Director came in he was early for the tour I thought was at 1 and he thought was at 12. She just took the initiative to go and do this INDEPENDENTLY!!! I was so happy and proud to see her take such a huge step! What an awesome job. Needless to say, she is ready to start her new job tomorrow! And when I spoke with her about her experience she said,  "I can't wait to start working in Radiology!!! I saw my first chest x-ray! It was creepy to see all the bones."

Have a good night!

Wow!  Now THAT made my day!!!  She LOVES getting work done and completing her tasks.  One "problem" (and I use that word cautiously) is that she wants to finish her work before she leaves for the day.  Most tasks she takes on, though, are ones that are endless.  They've had trouble some days finding enough work to keep her busy because she's so fast and so thorough!!  Wow!  Now that's a "problem", huh?  LOL

So that covers the "Growing Pains" and "Creepy Xrays" on to the "Prayer".....

Without going into all the nitty gritty details...cuz trust's better not to.... Would you please pray for our Zach.  We found out today that he will have to have surgery soon.  I'll just say that it's for issues with his Pilonidal Sinus.  Not your regular, run of the mill sinus... Google it if you want but....well, nuff said. 
 He was given antibiotics today and referred to a surgeon about 1/2 hour away for an appointment tomorrow afternoon.  Normally it would not be a "walk in the park" for me to wrap my head around my child having surgery but in this mind is spinning.  He won't understand what's going on and they will be doing things to HIS body after all.  We can explain all we want but I just pray that he's not terrified of doctors after all is said and done.  I can't imagine not being able to talk and express my fears and concerns or even my questions when people are working on me.  Can you?  Let me just say....Autism is a nasty beast.  It  hurts my heart.  I know that it probably seems somewhat "minor" to some but trust me....this one will be a challenge we haven't faced before and I just pray that he will have peace throughout it all and that he will heal quickly and completely.  Thank you in advance for your prayers and please know that we all appreciate them. I'm off to get a few things done before bedtime.  Thanks SO much for stopping by.  Come back soon for some new, fun projects!



  1. Prayers of thanksgiving for Linz and Brittany; prayers for Zach, mom and dad.

  2. Oh Honey, I pray Zach is able to be relaxed and calm during his surgery. And for you and hubby to have some peace about this...I know that is easier said than done though. I hope they get Lindsay in that job quick!! She'll fix that place right up. And I'm glad Brittany made it back to school safe and sound.

  3. America needs more young people with Lindsay's enthusiam and willingness to get the job done. What a sweetheart.

    I'll keep Zack in my prayers. I had pilonidal cyst surgery when I was. junior in high school. It's a "bummer"! I'm sure treatment has come a long way since way back then. I'll pray for Mom too. You'll get through this just fine. My mom had three kids with this. They say it's hereditary. My dad had one when he was in the service.

  4. Sounds like an awesome familly. Will pray for Zach, his family and all who will be tending to him. Hugs. JoAnn

  5. Michelle,

    Good for Lindsay! Tell her "way to go"!!

    I will pray for Zack and for you and your family. I pray everything goes well and he has a speedy and peaceful surgery and recovery. It must be so very hard for both him and you and your fears are very real and founded. God bless you all.



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