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Hey there Peeps!

**Non Stampin' Post**.....but it's AWESOME one!

I just had to post a quick Praise Report and share some amazing news with you.
Today when Zach came into my classroom after school he said, "Hi!" like he usually does.  He came in and poked around a bit....wrote the names of his favorite rides at Magic Kingdom on the white board....
When he came back to me when it was time to leave I said, "How was your day?".  Now understand that he usually will try to second guess what I'm going to ask and just come up and say, "Good" before I ask the question.  LOL  So when he answered my question he said, "Good" usual.  Then I said, "Did you go on a CBI trip today?" (CBI = Community Based Instruction)  Without missing a beat he said, 
"I worked on the hangers at Peeble's"..............................
HOLY COW!!!!  A sentence with SEVEN....count them....SEVEN WORDS!!!!
I couldn't believe it!!!  Well I did what any proud mama would do.  I jumped out of my chair....squealed with delight.....did the Happy Dance then hugged and kissed him like there was NO tomorrow!!!  It was amazing!!
I don't need to win the Mega Millions!  My son said an appropriate SEVEN word sentence!

I'm still smiling!  Praise the Lord!  It may be blustery and cold outside but let me tell ya....the sun is shining at our house tonight.

I'm getting on the road.  I'm headed to see my sweet Brittany perform tonight at JMU.  She is the President of the Word is Born Poetry Club and they are having a big performance tonight.  It's gonna be a late night but that's okay.  It's such an honor to be invited and I am SO proud of her.

Thank you again, my friends, from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers and believing in miracles with us.



  1. oh your post made me cry. That is amazing and look how happy he is. You are truly blessed!

  2. I love your work, but I really love hearing about your kids!
    Hugs! Barb

  3. Congratulations : ) That was a really powerful moment thank you for sharing it with us, God Bless

    I am now following you #415

  4. God is great! God is awesome!!! He is faithful and never forsake us. I am so happy for you and your family. Thank you for sharing with all of us. -Lizzie V.

  5. Oh Michelle, I am doing the Happy Dance with you! What a blessing to have your Zach speak his 7 word sentence. I have only been following you for such a short time, but I am praising with you! Our family has something different but similar. There's is nothing like waiting for the Lord's blessing, except to celebrate in it!!!

  6. What a blessing. Its hard getting that age to say anything other than "fine" or "good" to begin with. God is so good!

  7. As a mother of an Autistic son I know exactly how you are feeling. The little things that most parents take for granted mean so much to us, and the smallest milestone can be so momentous. I love seeing that little light spark to let you know they are still in there somewhere. Enjoy that little light and hope that it will some day shine bright :)


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