Lovely Penelope....

Hey there my friends,

I have a brand new friend to share with you today!  Since  my puppies have gotten so much love from you guys I thought maybe you'd like these.  I'm sharing one today and her pal tomorrow.  So....I would like for you to meet "Penelope" the Penguin

Doesn't she just make you smile?  I had SO much fun creating her and her buddy, Duke.  He will be here tomorrow so be sure to stop back by and visit.  Penelope seems to love "bling" just like me and she has a cute, pink "fascinator" to make her look a little sassy.  :-)

Just a couple of sweet hearts keep the love going on the inside of the card too.  I hope you like it and I hope she makes you smile.  It's amazing the smiles you can make with just a couple of punches and some card stock.  :-)

Ok....Lindsay wanted to make sure.....actually she said "be absolutely positive to show the new ornament I made to all your friends on your blog". She wanted to know where all the blog people are from....I told her I'm not sure but I'd ask.  If you'd like to leave a comment for Linz and tell her where you are from, she'd be THRILLED.  She's fascinated with countries all over the world and it would be a hoot for her to see that readers from other places saw her artwork.  :-)

So.....  As you know (if you saw my blog post) Linz is going to have her own Christmas tree this year and she wants to put ornaments on it that are her "favorites".  She LOVES the Smurfs and has over 200 drawings she's done freehand of them and they are all amazing.  So I bought some Shrinky Dink and she's made a few ornaments and tonight she added to her collection.  Here's the debut of....

"Sailor Smurfette" by Lindsay Suit....

Here's her ornament before we put it in the oven...

and.....  here it is when it came out of the oven....


Okie doke....that's it from here.  Thanks for stopping by. 
I hope you come back real soon.

Wishing you a magical day!


  1. Oh how sweet. Penelope is darling but Lindsay is cuter with her darling Smurf ornament! What a great family you have. You are very blessed and they are very blessed to have you as a mom!
    Oh I am Barb from Texas
    Have a great day!

  2. So sweet, Michelle!! Just gorgeous!! Can you tell me what punches you used? I can figure some of them out myself, but the Ovals for the body don't look right. TFS as usual!! :) Please tell Lindsay I love her smurfs!! :)

  3. Penelope is very cute!!! Linz you are very talented, I love your ornament and I think your Christmas tree is going to look fabulous. I live in Dumfries, Virginia but I am originally from Puerto Rico, a small island in the Carribean. Have a great day! - Lizzie

  4. Hi Linz,
    My name is Marla and I am from Cortland, IL. I love your Smurf Ornaments they are really awesome. Michelle your punch art is the best. Penelope is very cute even if I am partial to the dog art work.
    Happy Turkey Day,

  5. All right Ms Linz, I am enjoying your Smurfy ornaments from Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. Keep on drawing those Smurfs for us! Love them :)


  6. Sorry Linz, I forgot to mention where I'm from! I am from Cobourg, Ontario Canada! Keep making your beautiful Smurf's!! :) Jackie Hart

  7. Hi Linz, my name is Sheri and I am from Edgewater, Florida. I actually love where I live. I am about 15 minutes from the beach, 30 minutes from Kennedy Space Center and only about an hour from Walt Disney World. Sounds pretty lucky huh? I just love love your Smurf Ornaments. I am so excited each time I see them. I just know your Christmas Tree will be the " Smurfiest " I also love the Sailor outfit on Smurfette. She looks so cute. You are an amazing artist and it is great we all get to enjoy it. Keep those smurfy ornaments coming Christmas is right around the corner. Have a super smurfy day !

  8. I too am in love with smurfs and have been since I was 2. 26 years later I am super excited they came out with a new smurfs movie! keep the ornaments coming and love your drawings.

    I love those penguins my sister in law to be is crazy about penguins so for there wedding card of course I have to make a boy and a girl!Thanks I love all your work! You are a great mom, I love to hear the stories of your kids. Have a great day! Oh I am Amanda from Kennewick, WA.

  9. Love your penguin card! Also love your daughter's Smurfs. She does an amazing job!!! I can't wait til you post photos of her Smurf tree.I live in Tucson, Arizona.

  10. I forgot to ask what she colored the shrink plastic with? The colors are so bright - just beautiful! She can really draw.

  11. A bit late to the game so you may not see this but I'm a big Disney fan who recently discovered your site thanks in part to your web address. I was also a fan of the Smurfs when I was a kid and recently pulled out my plastic Smurf figurine collection and showed it to my nieces. I live in PA.

  12. You are both amazing artists!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
    Michelle, I adore Penelope and I know my mother-in-law would too. She's crazy for penguins! I'd love to CASE this card as her Christmas card this year, but I have a question.... how in the world did you get your snowflake punch to punch through the silver glimmer paper? Or am I wrong about your ingredients?

    Have a Wonderful Holiday!!
    Lorree Bosworth (from Ridgecrest, California)

  13. Well I came to your blog for more details on Max and Zoe and like 3 hours later cannot stop reading your posts. I think you are an amazing woman......truly talented. You are blessed with your three children. I am a mother of 5....4 at my side and 1 in my heart. I have 4 boys and 1 princess :) My oldest is 16 Victor, then Ashley 15, My son Derek would be 13 died when he was 2 after being bitten by a snake, Eric 10 and my youngest Marcello who just turned 8....he is a true Christmas baby. He would love your penguins just like I do :) I too love The Smurfs and have since I was little. I have the entire Mc Donalds collection! Please tell Lindsay I love her smurf drawings and what a great idea with the shrinkie dink. I line in Lakewood Ranch, FL which borders Sarasota and Bradenton. We have the #1 beach in the United States....Siesta Key. You can google it. My favorite beach is Anna Maria Island. I really do believe I live in paradise. I was born in Santiago, Chile' (South America), I lived in Spain till I was 6 and came to New Jersey , United States in October of 1978. My 1st holiday here was Halloween and I thought it was the coolest thing to ring doorbells for FREE candy. To this day I love costumes and dressing up!
    Michelle thank you for sharing your amazing projects and your family...I have really enjoyed reading and the pictures. I will continue to check in on you guys.


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