The clouds parted....

....and the sun shone through!  It was like feeling the warmth of the sun on my face.  I'm not gonna lie.

This is a "Praise Report".....

Every morning, once he's all ready and waiting for the bus, Zach waits by the living room window until the bus pulls up in front of our house.   Most of the time he'll say "Bye" as he walks out the door.  He doesn't ever leave on the bus without me knowing it.  I'm usually still drying my hair or brushing my teeth and I get ready in the powder room off of our foyer just for that reason.  I can still get ready for work/school and be down there to watch him leave.  It's been our routine for years.  When Mike is home or if he's going in later than usual, he'll walk Zach out to the end of our driveway and wait til the bus pulls up. He isn't able to be left alone b/c we are afraid he'll wander and if there's some change with the bus....the driver....or the schedule he wouldn't know what to do.  Anyway....
So this morning he was waiting and I was drying my hair.  When I finished he looked at me and said, "Be outside".  I said, "You'll be outside?"  And he said, "Yes.  Bye!"  So I said, "Bye.  I love you!"  Then he proudly walked out and walked down to wait for the bus.I was smiling SO big and I, of course, turned the mini blinds so I could watch him. I guess he knows me too well b/c he turned around and checked to see if I was looking and he waved at me.  LOL

I was smiling all the way to work.  It was awesome.


This afternoon when the two of us were leaving school I was trying to make conversation like I always do.....
It's the standard "Did you have a good day?", "What did you eat for lunch?" etc. So I asked him where he's going on his CBI (Community Based Instruction) field trip tomorrow.  He siad, "Bloom's and Giant".  I said, "Wow....Two grocery stores?" And he said, and I quote...

"I put cans on the shelf".........................................

O   M   G!

He was telling me what he was going to do at Bloom's!!!!!  I was SOOOOOO excited!  So I was praising him for "using his words" and told him how smart he is etc.  It was amazing!!! Then we turned into the parking lot by the Credit Union and there was this long line of gorgeous trees that looked like bright red fire with the sun shining on them.  I said, "Wow, Zach!  Look at those beautiful trees!"  Without missing a beat he said, 

"Leaves is falling!"


I still have a silly grin on my face!!!!  I can't stop smiling!  God is SO faithful and He parted those "clouds" and let me feel that sun on my face.  So much HOPE in just a few simple words.  I had to share it with you....all of you who are so supportive and who love us right where we are.  THANK YOU for your positive words of support, your prayers and just being so awesome.  I couldn't wait to share these bright rays of hope with you.
I think you can tell from the picture that Zach is SO proud of himself.  :-)

God Bless You!!!

Much love,
Michelle and Zach


  1. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Continuing to pray for God to give Zach the clarity of mind and the flow of words!

  2. Thank you, my friend. I'm SO grateful.

  3. I was crying by the end of your post. You had an awesome day!

  4. That's awesome! You and your husband are great parents!


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