Just Smurfy....for Christmas?

The Smurfs are in the house! 
(Ok...they never really left....but still...)

Linz has been talking about Christmas since her birthday last month.  She goes from holiday to holiday to holiday...but that's ok.  So... we were talking about Christmas and I asked her if she might like to design and decorate her very own Christmas tree this year.  I can't quite put down in words the level of her excitement.  Suffice it to say there was a HUGE "WAHOOOOOO" in there somewhere.
So she's decided that she wants to make her tree a SMURF TREE. (Shocker...I know)
So tonight I showed her how to use Shrinky Dinks and she was off and running.
She draws hundreds of different Smurfs....all free hand and it's amazing to watch her.
She decided the first ornament she'd make would be, of course, her favorite, Vanity Smurf.
Here's how it went.....

Firsr she drew Vanity with a Sharpie on the rough side of the Shrinky Dink page.  Then she used colored pencils to color him in.  Once that was done I cut it out for her....leaving about 1/8" around the outer edges. **Important Step** DO NOT FORGET TO PUNCH A HOLE IN IT BEFORE BAKING**
Here's how it went from there....

Ready to go into the oven....

We sprinkled a little baby powder on the cookie sheet to keep it from sticking together during the melting process...

Here we go......

Getting warmed up....  

A little more....
At this point Linz said, "Oh NO!  It's ruined!"  I told her to just keep watching.....
A perfect ornament for a special, Smurfy Christmas Tree!

 We had such a great time creating this first, special ornament and I think I'm going to by buying a lot more Shrinky Dinks in the coming weeks.  :-)
There'll also be lots of photos of Lindsay's Smurfy Christmas Tree....Stay tuned!
Have a Smurfy Day!



  1. I think a Smurfy Christmas Tree is just Smurfy Linz. Oh and Vanity Smurf is my most favorite too. You are such a talented artist. It is so nice to see your talent shared on your Mom's blog. I am so excited to see your Smufy Christmas Tree all done. You are extra Smurfy.

  2. I can't wait to see more Smurf ornaments for your tree and I'm looking forward to seeing it when it is all done! TFS!


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