All wrapped up with no place to go....

Hey there peeps,

Just a quick note to say a HUGE "Thank You" for the notes, prayers and well wishes.  You guys rock my socks.

My surgery went well and I'm at home and resting.  Mike, Linz and Zach are taking great care of me.  Pillows are being packs are being iced....and pain meds are being administered.  All is right with the world.  :-)  The doctor called to check on me today and said that I will NOT be in a cast this time.  At next weeks post op visit I'll be put in a boot and he wants me "weight bearing" as soon as possible.  Woot!  Here's a photo Mike took yesterday while we were waiting for them to wheel me to the O.R.  Ya think he was bored???

And NO I hadn't had any "happy drugs" at this point!  Scary, huh???  So for now I'm doing what I'm told....I'm sitting still....(something I don't do well) and I'm thinking of ideas to share with you when I get back into my stamp room so stay tuned.

For now though...I have to go enjoy the yummy lunch Mike made for of his infamous grilled cheese sandwiches.  YAY!!

So.....that's it from here for now.  Don't worry Online Stampin' Up! Store is still open 24/7 and there are SO many awesome ideas and TONS of amazing products. Just click HERE to go there now. Stop on by and shop for awhile. :-)

Wishing you a magical day,


  1. I followed Miss Magnolia over here from Splitcoast. I haven't read far enough into your blog to know how you landed in the hospital. But, I see you have a lovely family and they are taking good care of you. I like your blog and I'll be back. Hugs, Gail

  2. Hi Gail!
    So sorry the first post you had to see was of my yucky leg. LOL I hope you come and visit often. You can check out the archives here for much "prettier" things. :-)


  3. Glad you are doing OK - listen to the Dr's. and take care of yourself. Enjoy all the fuss!


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