Happy Birthday!

Hey there peeps!

I know I've been "MIA" for the past few days....sorry.  It's a little crazy around here.

First let me say, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACHARY"!  18 years ago today I was given the most precious gift...a sweet baby boy.  I'm so honored to be his mom. He has blessed our lives in way too many ways to count.  He is a sweet, gentle giant (he's 6'5"!!).  He is funny, kind, thoughtful,SMART and a great hugger.  He may not be able to talk a whole lot...but when he does...it's even more special to all of us.  He's not defined by autism.  We love him SOOOOO much and we wish him the happiest birthday ever.

Also....I went for my "follow up" appointment for my foot (I had surgery in May and was in a cast for 8 loooooong weeks....) and I found out that instead of being "done"....I need more surgery!  Ugh.  I will be having an MRI of my ankle on Monday and then the surgery will be scheduled asap.  It's a looooooong story....but I'm SO bummed.  I'll be in another cast for at least 4 weeks.

The rest of this week I've been getting prepared for a very special day today.  For those of you who have just recently started reading my blog....I have a photography business on the side called "Suitable For Framing Photography".  I have been photographing babies, engagements, weddings, families etc. for the last....um, I've lost count how many years.  Last year I actually took on a young photographer whose work I've admired to work with me.  It's my daughter, Brittany.  :-)  She's 22 and has an amazing "eye".  Her creativity astounds me.  So now we work together and I love it.  Today we'll be shooting the wedding of Megan and Keith here in Manassas.  It's so exciting because Megan is the daughter of a very special friend of mine.  I feel so honored to be able to capture their special day.

I did shoot the video yesterday for the tutorial on the puppies I've featured here on the blog recently.  Brittany and I will be editing it tomorrow and I'll have it available very soon as promised.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I hope to spend the day just enjoying time with my family and I can't wait.  The best present I could get would be just a lazy Sunday to enjoy each of them.

So.....that's the news from here.  I promise I'll be back to posting some new, fun projects soon.....so stay tuned!

Wishing you a magical day!