I have to admit it was weird not posting a project today.  I've been getting so much done lately down in my stamp room and I guess the first week of school caught up with me.  So...while I don't have a stampin' project to share today...I have another sort of project...Project SEARCH.  If you have visited my blog before you know that it's the internship program my daughter, Lindsay, is participating in at the hospital.  It's such a fantastic opportunity for her and the other special kids who are involved.  She's loving it so far and I know we are really blessed.  Today I received a picture of her with the other interns in their uniforms along with their instructor, Mr. Gast.  Here they are....

They will be getting their job assignments next week so we'll see where her first 10-week internship will be in the hospital.....stay tuned.

Since Linz isn't coming home with Zach everyday we had to figure out how to keep him safe (and occupied) until I was finished at school each day since he can't come home alone.  So...he rides the special ed bus from his school to mine and arrives just as my own students are getting on the buses at dismissal.  He comes into my classroom and helps us finish stacking the chairs and closing up things for the day.  Then....this is what he does....

He goes into our Resource Room and writes lists of his favorite rides at Walt Disney World on the board.
LOL!!  It's a riot.  He has great handwriting.  My students think it's the coolest thing ever.  They really love having him come in at the end of the day.  

He has them broken down by each of the four theme parks.

So...while we may not be your "typical" family....we are indeed very blessed.  It's incredibly special to have three children who are all happy, healthy and right where they're meant to be.

Some days autism doesn't win after all.  Thank you, Lord for all the blessings in my life.  

Love to all,


  1. This is so awesome!! He does indeed have great handwriting. We are Disney World fanatics as well. I was surprised that Toy Story Mania was not on his Hollywood Studios list. I love how he has the complete names of the rides and not an abbreviated name. Way to go! Made my day!

  2. He does have good handwriting. And imagine remembering the name of all those rides!


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