Linz...Quotes of the Day

I haven't posted many of Lindsay's quotes lately and I need to make sure I get them down on here so I don't forget them all together.  So here goes....

Today we were riding in the car and she was playing on her iPad and chatting away....while simultaneously singing along to the Disney Parks soundtrack CD that Zach was playing in the front seat. 
I had to make a stop at CVS and when I turned the car off and all was quiet for about 30 seconds she said,
"Mom, are you autistic...or just me and Zach?"  I almost laughed out loud because I thought....Who the heck knows WHAT I am!  LOL!  Some days I'm not sure if I'm coming or going....  Hmmm...could be!
I said, "Well, no I'm not.  Why do you ask?"  She said, "Because you told me that having autism means that we are very're very special."  (Ok...I got choked up...)  I said, "Well, thank you Linz.  I think you are very special too".  Then she said what really choked me up.  
She said, "Well, autism isn't so bad.  Don't worry."

Then tonight we were on our way home from Old Town after having dinner and she said, "Oh!  I almost forgot to tell you!  I know exactly what I want for my birthday!"  (Now let me just enlighten you....Linz talks about her birthday for most of the year...where we will eat for her birthday....what kind of party she wants to have....what gifts she'd like to get....etc.....etc......)  So as September 2nd gets closer the birthday wishes tend to increase at quite a rapid pace. 
So...I said, "Oh really?  what do you want???  A car?"
She laughed and said, "Oh Mom!  Don't be silly!  I want suspenders."
Ok...Mike and I laughed out loud.  Mike said, "Why do you want suspenders?"  and she said, "Well because I want to dress like  the Alpine people do, of course!" (dead serious!) hard as it is for me to believe that Lindsay is going to be 20 years old this's even harder to figure out where the HECK I'm going to find suspenders!  Do they make them in PINK??

Wishing you a magical evening,


  1. Couldn't sleep tonight and came across your blog when I was Googling punched art. Oh what a blessing your blog is!!! Thank you for taking the time to share about your kids. I have a special needs Granddaughter, who is 22, and she is the light of my life. Although she lives 3 hours from us, we go up and get her OFTEN!! We have even had her for months at a time, when she was younger....but then, that's another story.

    She is a huge blessing to us but also, I often have the same questions and thoughts that you have and there is no one to talk to about it. Reading your blog has really lifted my spirits and I see so many similarities between my Granddaughter and Linz....although my Granddaughter doesn't have the vocabulary that she does. If Zoey can't get me to understand what she is trying to tell me, she'll spell it or at least a word or two to give me the idea of what she is trying to tell me. She can spell like crazy.
    Thanks for sharing....and please keep sharing!!!
    I just subscribed to your blog not only for card ideas but to read more about your thoughts raising special needs kids.



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