Linz Gets "Smurf'd"!

That's the sound I heard coming through the house a little while ago. 
Linz came tearing downstairs to show my an extra Smurfy goodie box she got today in the mail....Special Delivery  all the way from Texas!  A very sweet young lady and her mama heard that Linz was looking for a couple more Smurfs to complete her collection from McD's and they went on the hunt.  They are heroes!  They found "Panicky"!  As if that wasn't enough....they decided to send Linz a few more Smurf treats too!  Wow!  A few??  Holy guacamole!

Linz LOVED Elianna's artwork on the box!!

 Elianna was one of my kindergarten students and we still keep in touch.  I love that girl!!! (and her whole family! ;-)  )  

Just a little excited!!

Lots of stuff from the "Blue Crew"!  What a Smurfy treat!!

 I can't tell you how much it touches my heart that Elianna and her mom took time to make Lindsay's day so extra special.  THANK YOU GIRLS!!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Making Panicky feel right at home.... .

 Linz said, "It's the most Smurftastic day EVER!!!!"



  1. What a great thing for them to do!!!! And what an amazing picture of her shear excitement of receiving this special gift package. Thanks for sharing Michelle. May the God's blessings continue to pour upon you and your family!


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