Random Thoughts....

One of the real reasons I started blogging was to have a place to write down my thoughts and feelings.  I know I've said it a lot but I seriously thought my mom would be the only one who read it.  I just looked and saw that the 'counter" on my blog is over 6,500 visits!  Holy cow!  I can't imagine that.  I know that I've been posting lots of new stamp projects and ideas and photos to go along with them and sometimes there are tidbits about our life.  Blogging has been a really great way for me to get my thoughts...good and bad....about autism and other things out of my head and, well...I guess I vent a little sometimes.  (Makes me think of a line that Lucy from the Peanuts yelled once...."It's called survival,baby!")  
So tonight I guess I just need a place to get a few thoughts out of my head and down here...thus the title, "Random Thoughts".

I have to say that this past week was pretty smooth all told.  I'm sure Linz had such a positive outlook mostly because she was in "Smurf" mode.  Hey...whatever works!  The preparations and meetings for her new internship with Project Search went way smoother than I had feared anticipated and she really has been a joy to have around.  I know that change is in the air and that usually means that it's going to be a rocky ride but for now....it's all good.  I need that darn Smurf movie on Blu Ray SOON!  That's going to be a great distracter for her when she's stressed out.  I know chronologically she's 19 but....well....enough on that.  You get the drift.

Zach had a great week....He's so even keeled and really just a big "bull in a china shop".  He doesn't let much get under his skin and it's fun to see him try to make me laugh.  He's such a sweet boy (young man really).  Sometimes....it doesn't matter if we are at home or in the middle of WalMart....he'll walk over to me...lean down...and kiss me on the top of the head.  Now how can you beat that?  He's been really interested in the deck building project in our back yard and has actually gone out there to "help" Mike on occasion.  Mike is looking forward to having him help with all those screws that are going to need to be put in.  Ah....cheap labor!  He was a great sport and went to see the Smurf Movie without complaining.  I never really know if he wants to go or not....we just take him anyway.  (Personally...I think he'd go just about anywhere if there was food involved!)

I didn't really realize...or maybe I didn't let myself think about it...that Britt would be heading back to JMU so soon.  We've been waiting to hear about a job for her that has been in the works.  So it seems that things are happening at light speed.  She was offered (and accepted) a job just yesterday.  She'll be working in the office at the apartment complex where she lives.  She'll be doing data entry, customer service and other various jobs for them.  The only "bad" part (well...for me anyway) is that she has to go back to school early.  She would normally not move back to school before August 15th but she's leaving tomorrow.  Excuse me??  That's July 31st!!!  Not to mention the six weeks she was in Spain for study abroad.  *sigh*  Sometimes this whole "growing up" thing sucks.  I'm sure it sucks for HER too.  (Humor me here!)  So tomorrow will be a day to organize and pack and we'll send her back to school.  I still remember dropping her off freshman year and how I waited til Mike pulled waaay out of the parking lot before I started to cry....and I cried most of the way home.  Poor Mike....that was a long hour and 45 minute drive!  I'm SO much better than that now!  No!  I really am!!  :-)

I love having her here (Shocker...I know!).  I love her smile, her laugh, hearing her bustling around her room....hearing her trying out new poetry out loud when she's in her room...like no one else is home.  I love just watching tv with her (except Frasier is getting old!)  I love talking photography shots and ideas with her and tapping into her amazing creative mind.  I just LOVE her.

But it's ok....she'll come back.  And we'll go visit.  I know all of that in my head....it's just my heart that has a hard time with it I guess.  It's a brand new school year with lots of new and exciting adventures.  How blessed we are that she's ONLY an hour and 45 minutes away.  What can I say....I like having all my ducklings in the nest.  That's just how I roll.

I guess for now I'll just breathe and know that God is in control and He really does hold our family in the palm of His hand.  We are infinitely blessed and we are SO incredibly grateful.

I promise to post a new project tomorrow...  (for those of you...other than my mom....who've stuck around thus far)  For now I'll just wish you a good night and a beautiful day tomorrow surrounded by the ones you love.

Goodnight MOM!!!  <3