.....Vacations with my family
...Cranking the radio when I'm in the car alone
...Listening to Marley bark at squirrels in his sleep
...Date night

These are a few of my favorite things....

One other thing that is pretty high on the list is SWAPPING cards!
This year when I left for the Stampin' Up! Convention I had 151 cards and 60 3D items all packed in my bag to swap with other SU! demos.  Swapping is NOT required but if you've ever been to convention you know that you'll see a million ideas you'll want to bring home.  Some people don't swap...they take photos of things they want to remember how to make once they are back home.  I could do that too I guess but I have to say I really love having the card fronts and 3D's here to look at. 
So today I started going through all the things I returned home with and I thought I'd post a few periodically here on my blog.  I will admit (to only YOU and not to Mike...) that I'm sort of a "magazine junkie".  I LOVE buying card/scrapbooking/craft....well, any kind really....MAGAZINES.  You never know where you'll find inspiration and I love going through them again and again. Swaps are the same way for me.  I get so much inspiration from seeing other people's creations.  It might be that you see a color combo  you've never tried or a layout you've never thought of...the ideas are endless!  Therefore....swapping works for me.

So...in case you're looking for a new card layout design or you'd just like to see some really pretty cards etc. stop by here on my blog and I'll post some of my faves that I brought back with me.  Here are 4 of them.....I tagged each with the stamper's name if they included their info on the back of the card.  I have a lot without names.  :-(  Oh well...they're pretty all the same.  Enjoy!

That's all for now....I have SO many more so stay tuned!