Take it OFF, Baby!

What a great day it's been.  Great news from the doctor at my 2 week post op appointment and for that I feel very blessed.  The news was all good.  The 2nd cast (the pink one) was taken off and they took out the stitches.  (not as bad as I'd expected) and the incision looks great.  No infection....no surprises...  YAY!  I remember him telling me all the risks etc. before we set up the surgery date and he said, "You WILL have a scar.  Are you ok with that?"  I remember thinking, "Well, what choice do I have?"  We discussed all the options and the only way he could do what he needed to do to 'fix" it was to cut me open.  I said to him very calmly and with a straight face, "Listen....I don't know if you realize it or not....but I'm pretty sure there aren't a LOT of people "checkin' me out" and for those who do.....well, I don't think they'll be looking at my ankle.  Let's just fix this  puppy and call it a day!"  He cracked up and said, "Well alrighty then".

So I go back in 2 weeks to have this cast taken off and will hopefully get to go back into the removable cast or boot.  I never knew I could miss that dumb, ugly thing but boy do I ever.  I'm still not allowed to put it on the floor and bear weight on it in any way.  As he explained to me today, when he went in and used bone harvested from my heel to build back up the bone that was fractured and covered by the cyst, he basically introduced new cells in there that will start to (for lack of a better word) create new tissue.  Who knew??  So I will most likely be able to start a few "range of motion" exercises after I get the removable cast on but we'll have to wait and see.  I still can't go back to work.  :-(  I miss my kiddos and all my friends SO much.
For now though....I'm just gonna keep on doin' what I'm doin'.

Here are a few pics that Mom took today...  
Saw that thing off!
Taking it off in pieces.....
My Mama...isn't she cute???  ;-)  And she didn't even faint!
Ahhhhh!  Freedom!  It felt SO good having that cast off for just a little while.  So blessed that my incision looks good and is healing nicely.
The BEST "casting" guy in the business!  He is a gem!
And the new color is.......RED!!!  Gotta work on blingin' it up!  Stay tuned!

I will admit (and this is  a "selfishness alert") that I have truly LOVED having this time with my parents.  I loved having my mom in there with me today for the hour that it took to get me all switched out from one cast to the next. Dad sat where he was most happy and that would be.....the waiting room.  :-)
  My mom truly just makes my heart SMILE.  What a wonderful (and I can't put this in all caps or italics enough to give it enough weight of how much I mean this....) and truly beautiful woman she is.  She was truly born to be a mom.....MY mom and I thank God every day that He picked me to be the luckiest girl when he chose me to be her daughter.

So that's the latest from here.  Mike is doing his best to make his flight home as I type.  He called and said, "Well...the briefing ran over and we are on our way to the airport and the guys said we'd better drive this car like we stole it if we want to make the flight on time".  I pray they do and that the storms here stay away long enough to get them safely on the ground at Dulles.

Blessings to you and yours,


  1. Pray the Lord that it was all good news! I am so glad that you are feeling better about all of this, and that you had a few minutes of "freedom" from the cast (nice RED one by the way). :-)

    Continuing to pray for full healing and mobility of your ankle when all this is over and done!

  2. Thanks Denny! I can't wait to be able to shave my leg! hahahahahaha

  3. Love the new color of the cast!!! And can't wait to see the hidden mickeys on it... And tell your Mom I love her outfit!!! Love the bright colors!!! Nancy...


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