Ready....or not......

Well it turns out my dance card is full for the next couple of weeks.  Who knew?  Not me.
Lots of people keep asking me, "So what's up with the foot?" I thought I'd post the deets.....
It you don't wanna  :-)

Back in December I was walking my class back upstairs to our classroom and I lost my balance on the stairs and rolled my ankle.  It was really a nice shade of purple and swelled up.  Since it happened at work they took me to the hospital to have it looked at.  They did xrays and proclaimed it "just a severe sprain" and "not fractured".  Okie doke.  I was good with that.  They sent me home on crutches and that was that....or so I thought.  The pain never went away.  It continued to hurt like a big dog.  I couldn't even put it under the covers at night because even THAT was too painful.  I finally went to see my doctor and she said that severe sprains could take up to 18 months to heal.  Ok....I went home and thought.....ok....then it'll heal.
Well after awhile I couldn't stand it so I went back in to see her and told her I needed a new plan.  She agreed and she sent me to an ortho specialist.  He put me in a boot and scheduled an MRI.   After going for an MRI on a Saturday night I got a call from the dr. here in Manassas saying "Well....what do you know?  You actually DO have a fracture".  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  So I'd been walking around on a fractured ankle for almost4 months.  Apparently not ALL fractures show up on xrays...?  They scheduled me to see a foot specialist and he read the MRI and showed me the fracture but there was something a little odd about it.  There was a dark "mass" around the fracture.  He said I definitely needed surgery but he needed a CT to check out the damage  first.   The dark mass turned out to be a cyst that had grown around the fracture. I went for the CT that evening and....long story short....the surgery is tomorrow at 1 p.m.

To be honest I'll be glad to be on the recovery end of this whole thing.....  I know it's no biggie to some but for those who know me you know that I don't like to sit still....I like to keep busy....and I HAVE THINGS TO DO.  :-)  I guess this is just God's way of making me stop for a bit??  I dunno.  It's going to be interesting.

When I went in for my pre op appointment this morning he gave me the play by play of where he'll cut etc.  He will be harvesting bone from either my heel or my tibia to build the area back up.  He has to clean out the cyst which he feels confident is benign.  The "bad news" least for that it is in a very hard spot to reach.  He is thinking now that he might have to break a bone to be able to get to the already fractured one and then put in steel plates and screws.  (So much for airport security) I also have to give myself injections in my stomach for 14 days to keep from getting a blood clot.  woo hoo

Quite honestly I just want it to be done.  I'll be in a cast for 6 weeks and on crutches.  No work for at least the first 2 weeks.  No weight bearing for the entire six I can't drive.  :-((((   That really sucks. pity party here.  I'm beyond blessed to have a husband and family that will take great care of me.  At least I know that by the time Britt gets back from Spain I should be getting out of the cast.  Woot!

So there are all the boring, gorey details.  Thanks for all the emails and well wishes. 
That means SO much to me.  

Blessings to you and yours and Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.  Sorry....but God gave ME the best Mama EVER!  She took me out this evening for a pedicure before the surgery.  The doctor approved it.  Don't worry.  Isn't she the BEST???  Love you Mom! <3  ;-)



  1. Love you so much!! I'll be praying for you tomorrow dear friend! It's all gonna be OK!!

  2. Thanks girlfriend! Love you too!!!


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