Making Memories

The Lady Twin Adventure is in full swing!
Bealy and I got up at 4 a.m. yesterday to head out to the airport.  Neither of us slept much the night before....go figure.  

We had an awesome flight.  The Jet Blue crew was hilarious!  From the time we stepped on board it was like a comedy show.  They joked around and even the captain (a woman!) got on the P.A. and she was too funny.  Anyway....we had a smooth flight and arrived in Florida with a full day still ahead of us.
We took Disney's Magical Express from the airport to our resort and we highly recommend it. 

We checked our bags in at Dulles and when we got to our room at the resort they delivered them to us.  Sweet!  We arrived at our "home" resort, Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa where we checked in and we hit the ground running.  :-)   (We belong to Disney Vacation Club...their version of a time share.  Saratoga Springs is where we bought ours and it's considered our "Home")  It's always fun to come back and have the cast members say, "Welcome Home"!

The weather here is GORGEOUS.  It's in the high 70's to low 80's with blue skies and bright sunshine.  It's both great and scary to put on shorts for the first time this season.  Can you say BRIGHT WHITE??  We both got sun yesterday and I know we'll be getting more today.
The resort is so awesome.  It's themed after Saratoga Springs, NY and the horse racing there.  (right up Britt's alley!)

We dropped off our stuff in the room....oops....almost forgot to tell you about the room!
Our room is wonderful.  We are on the ground floor (which is great since I'm wearing this dumb "boot" on my foot).  We look out at a garden area and we are about 30 steps from the pool on our side of the resort!! (Yep...we counted!)

Just beyond the pool is the waterway looking over at Downtown Disney.  We took a boat from SS to Downtown Disney to have lunch, shop and explore.

We loved seeing all the beautiful flowers and trees in bloom.  It just makes us feel like spring has sprung.

We had a delicious lunch at The Earl of Sandwich.  It's a place we've always wanted to try when we're here as a family but they don't have anything on the menu that Linz and Zach will eat.  We walked through some of our favorite shops including The Art of Disney, the Disney scrapbook store and, of course, Ghirardhelli....which made Britt a happy girl. :-) 

We went by Raglan Road Irish Pub over at Pleasure Island to see what was happening there for St. Patrick's Day.  It was all decked out and they had festivities planned all day long.

I didn't realize that Britt hadn't been down here since Disney put in the balloon at Downtown Disney.  We decided we just had to try it.  Let me just say....TOTALLY AWESOME. 

The view was incredible!

We came back and chilled by the pool and regrouped and then got gussied up and ready to head back over for dinner.  We went by boat again and we had dinner at Paradiso 37. Yum!  Then we went back to Raglan Road and man on man were they in full swing.  They had a live Irish band playing outside with the occasional Irish dancers thrown in for fun.  What a treat that it was warm enough to be coats....and warm!  Love it!

Then we headed back to crash.....It was a looooong day but an amazing one.  We can't wait to see what magic we can find today!

Until later......
The Lady Twins

P.S.  We kinda keep looking at each other saying, "Um....OMG....we are meeting David Tutera TOMORROW!! 


  1. What a full and fantastic day you both had together. When you said "Lady Twins Adventure is in full swing" - you meant it!!!

    Enjoying reading all about it. Keep it coming!


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