Magic on the Horizon...

Seven days....Seven days!  This time next week Britt and I will be at Disney at the beginning of our Lady Twin Adventure.  (FYI:  LTA for short....and it's a phrase Linz created years ago)
A little over a month ago Britt was home for the weekend and we were doing what we usually do....we watch the episodes of "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera" that I DVR while she's at school.  We love the show AND we love him!  He is so fun....SO creative and he makes "magic" happen.  I don't know if you know it or not.....but in our family....we LOVE MAGIC!  So...that particular night I logged on to check Facebook and I had a post from Disney Fairytale Weddings.  (I have a side business doing Disney Travel Planning so I keep track of all the Disney venues...)  It was a post that said "Have you registered for the Disney Bridal Expo with David Tutera?"  I'm not sure but I think I actually did squeal!  Long story short....I registered us for the us a room at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort....2 tickets on Jet Blue...and VOILA!  We are going on an adventure!

Now...let me tell you since I know you're wondering....Britt is NOT engaged yet.  We mostly wanted to go to the Expo to get up close and personal with wedding photographers who really kick butt and we know that we can learn tons from them.  Now...I'm not gonna lie....Disney and David Tutera???  I mean HELLO!  
So....we are going to experience it all.
We have reservations for the luncheon at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa where the event is being held.  Guests at the luncheon include David, of course, the editor of The Knot Magazine and a designer for Alfred Angelo with the Disney Bridal Dresses.  After we had our reservations for the luncheon we thought it couldn't get any better than that....we were wrong.  About two weeks ago I had an email from Disney Events saying that they were offering private dress fittings with the Disney Wedding Dress Designer!  Ok...really?  How often does THAT opportunity come along?  I didn't think Britt would want to...especially since she's not engaged yet.  Well...after mulling it over and talking to Sam (who said she HAS to try them on!) Britt called and asked me to see if I could still get a fitting for her.  So I did...  I got the LAST time slot!!!  WOOT! seven short days we'll be off on our adventure and I can't wait.  A couple of days ago we were in the car and I asked her if she's excited and you know what she said?  She said, "I'm excited about Disney, I'm exited about having lunch with David Tutera and I'm excited about trying on the dresses....but MOST of all I'm excited about going on an adventure to Disney with YOU and having you all to myself.  Thank you SO much for making this happen".  That was something I'll never forget.

Time for me to sleep.....and dream of a magical Lady Twin Adventure.


  1. I know that you and Britt are going to have the most unbelievably magical time together sharing in this amazing event. What wonderful memories you'll create! :-)

  2. You are an AMAZING lady!!! You ooze MAGIC!!! Have fun on your LTA trip with Britt!!! =)


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