All Blinged Up.....

Well....I was hoping I wouldn't get the news I got today at my appointment with the orthopedist....but I did.
My foot apparently has not healed and he thinks the ligament is torn.  I will have to have an MRI after the trip but for now I have this ugly, black boot to add to my ensemble.
So what does a girl do?  Why bling it up, of course.

So....I had my feet pampered and I had her paint Mickey heads on my big toes and I'm still going to have a magical trip....I'm going to savor every moment.....
I'm just gonna do it with a little hobble in my step.  No biggie.

Gotta go keep packing.....  :-)

Have a magical day!


  1. You didn't tell me that part today!
    Love what you did to the boot though! You'll be the hit of the party and at the front of every line too!! :)

  2. You may have stumbled onto something big - and I'm not talking about your feet. ;-)

    Yet another StampinUp item??? I mean you've made something most people regret having to wear with their injured foot into an attractive BLING footwear!!!

    I'm just saying.... LOL

    Happy hobbling at Disney World!

  3. @ Robin - I hadn't been to see him yet....
    @ Denny - Thanks!


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