What's the Word?

You know how you look at kids and think "Aw, she has her mother's smile"  or  'He laughs just like his dad"....?
Well, Lindsay inherited her giddy laugh inability of "lyric" correctness (or in this case....dialogue correctness) from her Dad.

I haven't made a list of most of her (ahem...) substitutions but tonight's is one that I had to write down.
Linz and I were acting like proper ladies crazy people when I got home from work today.  We were running around...chasing each other and we ran up and jumped on my bed.  We were laughing SO hard...tickling each other and we heard Mike come in the door from work.
So we did what any self respecting, crazy girls would do....we dove under the covers to hide until he came upstairs. 
Let me just say here that Linz is NOT very good at remaining "under cover" and quiet.
So....Mike came upstairs and immediately pounced on the bed and started yelling, "Now WHERE are those girls?????"
Not to be outdone and being quite the knight in furry armor....Marley came bounding upstairs and jumped in the middle of the pile.  Actually he missed me completely but he landed right on Linz...in areas too private to mention here.  She let out a very loud shriek and said, "Marley!!!  You got me right in the TIMBERS!"
(Here's why there's a picture of Po, the Kung Fu Panda on this post.
  There's a point in the movie where Po gets hit in....well....a guy panda's private area and he says, "OWWW!  My TENDERS!"

We laughed SO hard that we could could barely breathe and Mike said, "Ok....now THAT'S a Linz Quote of the Day!!!".
Have a happy evening,


  1. Just when I think you've outdone the Linz quote of the day you go and post this one!!! OMG... I died laughing. My mind pictured that pile of people (and Marley) on the bed and Linz yelling that phrase. Thanks for ending my day with a huge smile on my face, and in my heart! :-)


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