"Mom...Do you remember when...?"

I'm always amazed when Linz says something like, "Mom....remember when we went to.....(insert place here)....back in (insert year here)?  That was when I (i.e....ate bacon for the first time!")  I swear she remembers EVERYTHING!  Places...dates.....the weather that day....what she was wearing....  It's scary!  I mean there are days that stand out in my memory.....some more so than others.  Sometimes, like lots of people, I even remember random things.  I tested my knowledge against hers.  I remember when she went to "The Cinderella Ball"...I mean who wouldn't.  It was magical.  I asked her if she remembered when it was and she said, "Sure I do.  It was May 31st, 2008."  She also remembered that it rained that day before the ball and also that our friend's daughter was born that day too.  I had NO clue.

This is Linz at the entrance to the ball.  It was held at The Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C..  The Marine's made a sword arch and each guest was announced.  This photo was actually on the front of the "Style" section of the Washington Post.  (see!  I remember that!)  :-)
Today we were going to go out to Kohl's and Mike and I decided we would take the kids to eat at Five Guys.  Zach was SO excited because he LOVES burgers.  I wasn't sure how Linz would react but since they serve hot dogs it was all good.  On the drive over she said, "Boy, Mom, I remember the first time I ate at the Five Guys."  I said, "Really?  When was it?"  She said, "It was in 2008".  I laughed and said, "Are you kidding?  You really remember that?"  She said, "Yep.  It was the day before school started.  I sure loved that hot dog and wearing the shorts".  Um.....ok.

I found myself "double checking" Lindsay's "facts" about the ball and I came across this video I made for her after the ball.  I watched it and cried again just like I've done many times before.  What an honor it was to be her "date" for that magical night.

For more info on "The Cinderella Ball" and other opportunities for special needs kids in the Northern Virginia area, contact "The House" in Woodbridge, VA.  What a fantastic organization.

This is mostly a post for my own "memory".  I, for one, have to write things down to remember them!  I feel blessed to be able to blog about life and "stuff"....just for me. (and my mom who is probably the only other person who reads this.  ;-)  )   It's a nice way to journal things that might fade and I really want to remember and cherish each one.

Have a magical day!


  1. OMG.... I loved watching the video of Linz at the Cinderella Ball. What a gorgeous princess! And yes, I cried. Thanks for sharing! :-)


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