Lindsay's "Best Offer"

Today was the first day of our new adventure.  Mike is going to be working from 11:30 at night til noon the next day....SEVEN days a week for about 4 weeks...or so. (don't get me started!)

So I'm "Julie McCoy~Cruise Director" now more than ever.  Linz started asking lots of questions last night and has been really twitterpated about it all.  She's "very worried about Dad"......(too many concerns to list here....  Zach just keeps saying, "Dad's at work?.......Dad's at work?"  Long story.  Just a fun adventure in Autism. a "just keepin' them busy" activity today we headed out and about to Barnes and Noble (which incidentally made me the "best mom ever"...or so Linz said), we went to lunch at Cici's Pizza and ran a few other assorted errands.  I told her before we left home that she could pick out a couple of new books at B&N because she was being such a great helper folding clothes and emptying the dishwasher this past week.  She was SO excited.

We got to the bookstore and as we were walking in she said, " I remembered to bring my purse".  Well....I didn't really think anything of it.  We went inside and they both looked around and Linz found 3 chapter books she wanted.  She came rushing over to me at one point waving a book and said, "Mom!  I found it!  I found the Beverly Hills Cha Hoo A Hoo A book!!!"  That would be Chihuahua in English.  :-)  We went up to the register to check out and she went ahead of me.  The guy rang up her books and she started opening her purse.  I said, "Oh, do you still have a gift card from Christmas?"  She said, "No, I have money".  Hmmm....I don't remember her coming into any money recently but....ok.

The cashier said, "That'll be $15.42".  Linz looked at him and pulled out a five dollar bill out of her wallet and said, "Well I'll give you $5.00.  That's all I have.  It's my best offer."  He said, "Excuse me??"  I jumped in and said, "Remember Linz, I'm buying them for you today as a reward for helping."  (I figured I'd explain the whole "no merchandise" thing later.

She got her receipt and we left.  The cashier still looked puzzled but I'm sure he won't soon forget us.  :-)


  1. As I have often said, "Nothing tried, nothing gained." Nice try Linz!!! :-)


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