When I grow up I wanna be......?

Confession Time...

I think I have "Life ADD"....  Ever heard of it?  Me neither but I'm self diagnosing here.

I have waaaay too many things that I love to do.  Photography, Stamping, Scrapbooking, Travel Planning, etc. etc. etc.  Oh, add to that the fact that I'm making notes for a book of 'Lindsay-isms"....

Um, I think that's it. (yeah sure)

So how does one go about chosing?  Do you have to choose? I dunno.  I kind of dread the whole "New Year's Resolution" thing because how many people actually follow through??  Just curious.  See!  I could make a list of those "have to dos" too!  Lose weight...yep (and DUH!)....Get organized....yep.....Plan a budget....yep.....Read more....yep......Build my Stampin' Up! business...You BETCHA


I guess tonight I am trying to find just ONE thing that I want to focus on and see how it goes.  Which one?  Do I write them all on scraps of paper and put them in a hat and draw one?  Do I put them on a board and throw a dart and see which one I hit?  Hmmm....

How about praying?  Aha!   Now that's the first good idea in the whole bunch.  I wonder sometimes just how frustrated  God gets with me when He is patiently sitting there waiting for me to wake up and remember  that it is He who grounds me....He who holds me ever so patiently in the palm of His hand and He who knows every hair on my head.  He is the one who knows what's best for me.  I know that the scripture says, "Ask and you shall receive...." but first you have to know what to ask for.  Right?

The one that keeps nagging at me....tapping me on the shoulder....creeping into my dreams and won't quite leave me alone is the book.  Seriously?  Why in the world would I think I could write a book????  Me???  Geez Louise.  I bake cakes....I do crafts....I'm not exactly a writer!  Seriously!

 If I really DO write all the "Lindsay-isms" down like everyone tells me to....what then?  Why in the world would anyone read it?  Would it be a blessing to other parents of special kids like me?  Would it give hope to moms like me who wonder why God chose them with the most precious gifts ever?  What if no one reads it?  How do you find someone to publish a book that people may not care about?  Where do I start?  

I know this is just a ramble to all of my faithful blog readers clear my head since I'm the only one who will read this but that's ok.  I needed to see it written down and have something concrete to hold myself accountable for.

So I'm going to figure it out....Alex, I'll take Prayer for $500 please.  I'm sure He's (ahem...that would be God and NOT Alex) gonna give me just the "Anti ADD" remedy I need mixed with just the right people in my path to show me just how to get to where He wants me to be.  Wish me luck....and any extra prayers are greatly appreciated.



  1. oh michelle, you know you are not the only one who reads your musings! i often share your discoveries with my sister to help her with her autistic son. she will visit me in the near future and i would really like for her to meet you and lindsay and zach. i'm hoping her hubby comes to and he gets chance to chat with mike. remember always something i'm sure your mom told you repeatedly - you can do anything you want! so go for it and i personally can't wait for the book to publish! 8-)

  2. Michelle, you are so very talented and that talent is directly from God... it is His gift to you! I'm witness to that gift from God as is everyone else every time we read something you have poured your heart into.... and just by being blessed to become your friend.

    You know I will pray for you as you seek what God's plan is for you (Jeremiah 29:11). And I know that you will seek Him in prayer as well.

    Your friend,


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