Name Tags and Merriment...

Every Sunday Linz makes sure that I know that she "needs lunch stuff before tomorrow"....  It's just a regular weekly routine.  She eats the same thing for lunch everyday...peanut butter sandwich...strawberry jell-o...ritz crackers (sometimes she goes a little wild and has saltines) and a capri sun to drink.  So she makes sure to let me know what we need and we go out and get it together.

Tonight I was going to just run up to Super Target alone so I could dash in and dash out and boy am I glad I didn't.  I took her with me and she absolutely just filled my heart with so much joy it's running over. 

She was just in the best mood and so chatty and happy.  I pushed the cart and she went aisle to aisle getting all of her goodies.  When we were done we rambled through the Christmas section where she has to stop every time to push the "sample" buttons on the CD selections.  Then we made our way up to the registers to check out.

We got in a very short line and the cashier looked very friendly and happy.  When it was our turn, he said, "Hi!  How are you?"  and Linz (who has made it a hobby of hers to read ALL nametags of cashiers and workers in stores) said, "Well hi there Mr.....uh....(leans over to read the name tag)....Mr. New Team Member!!  Wow!  That's an odd name, huh??"  He just cracked up!  He said, "Well...I haven't even worked here long enough yet to have my own name tag so I guess that's my new name, huh?".  She started laughing and said, "Well I'm Lindsay and this is my mom.  She's a sugar plum fairy."  He looked at me and smiled.  I just laughed and said, "Well...I've been called worse!".  :-)  Then Mr. New Team Member asked Linz if she liked Christmas.  Linz looked at him and clapped her hands and said, "Boy do I ever!!!  I'm just a Yuletide Fool!"

We left Target and headed home and Linz said, "Thanks for taking me with you, Mom.  I had a great time."  I said, "Well, thank YOU for coming with me and making me smile."  She said, "No problem.  It's great to have a mom that's sweeter than a Hershey's milk chocolate truffle!"'ll make people wonder what you're up to.