Letter Hossen Margarita

The kids and I had a great time today with Nannie and Papa (my mom and dad).  The weather was rainy and grey so we decided to head to Fair Oaks Mall and take in the sights and sounds of the holidays.  It was so much fun!

When we were shopping in Sears we were looking through the mens' department trying to find Papa some nice gloves and Linz found something that caught her eye.  She found a display of mens' hats and she ran over to them and exclaimed, "Oh LOOK!  It's the Letter Hossen hats!!".  I thought maybe it was a character from one of her books or videos so I just said, "Oh!  Mmm hmmm...".  Then I heard her going on and on about putting a red feather in it and the dance that you do when you wear it.


What was she talking about?  Wait!  She's been talking a lot since we were at Epcot this past summer in the Germany pavillion about all the cool things she saw there. She loved talking to the cast members there and was thrilled when they told her that the Smurfs were created there.  They told her that the translation for Smurf in German is Schlumpf.  Since vacation she finds it hilarious to call  my parents "Oma and Opa Schlumpf"  :-)

She LOVES learning about other cultures and their clothes etc. and then I realized what it was!!!!

I said, "Linz, do you mean lederhosen?"  She said, "YES!  That's it!"  So we all started laughing and talking about it and she thought she was quite clever.  So she started talking about the dance and the clothes that German people wear and before you know it....this happened.  My Dad asked her about it and told her she looked like she was doing the macarena.....Here ya go.....

The funniest part for me was at the very end when she said, "Letter Hossen Margarita!"
Hope it brings you a little holiday cheer!