Lady Twin Fun

Today Linz and I went to Flower Gallery's Annual Holiday Open House.  It was amazing and magical!
We met my mom there and we had such a blast looking at all of the beautiful displays and Christmas goodies.   They had lots of yummy treats to try too.  Linz said  she wants to do it again next year and that it should be a holiday tradition.  I have to agree.

Here are some pics of the fun....

Linz found a frosty friend!

One of the many trees I wanted to own...

Ok...this cracked me up!  You keep it in your bathroom and he talks and sings when you walk in the room!

The ornament Linz just "had to have"!

I loved the Santa Tree.  It was gorgeous!

They always amaze me with the unique ideas they come up with.  This "Wine" themed tree was in a barrel and was wrapped in grapevine.  It had tons of grape and miniature wine bottle ornaments on it with a sunflower topper!  AWESOME!

Mom made sure we signed up for the door prizes!
Happy Holidays!!