Grand Opening!

For years it's been a given that our avid reader in the family has been Brittany.  It's no wonder that her favorite Disney Princess has always been Belle...the beautiful girl with such a love of books!  (Truth be told.... my fantasy for her her fantasy is to move to Florida and BE Belle in the Magic Kingdom...especially now that Belle is getting her very own HUGE castle there!  hahahaha) 

But...for the past couple of years as Linz has worked as an intern at 3 different libraries in our community through a program at school she has also discovered a true LOVE of books and reading.  It's SO amazing.  She will plop down on a couch and start reading out loud....doing all of the voices and inflections, of course.  Now she is thrilled to make trips to Barnes and Noble, Borders and McKay's Used Books.  (If you live near should check out McKay's.  Most of her books cost .50 to .75!!  What a deal!)

She decided to start her own library in her room about a month or so ago and it has grown.....even more so yesterday after she used her McKay's gift card she received for Christmas.  One amazing thing that I've found is that while she started out looking for the familiar stories and junior novelizations from some of her favorite movies, now she's expanded her interests and gotten books that are stories she's never heard of.  Now THAT'S progress.

After our trip to McKay's yesterday she was like a helium balloon!!  She was SO excited about her new books and adding them to her library.  She was talking up a storm about her plans to expand it and how she can't wait for people to see it.  (SO many "Linz Quotes of the Day" that I could barely keep up!!)  She has added all her new books and everything is alphabetized and it looks just lovely.

She was walking and talking so fast....she put up her hands as if she was making a frame to look through and said, "I can see it now!!  My new library...LINDSAY'S LIBRARY PALACE!  People will come from miles around just to see it!  I don''t mean to burst your brain, Mom, but it will be the most popular library ever!"  (I think she may be designing Library Cards for customers too!)  :-)

When I woke up this morning I passed by her room...the door was shut....but I could hear her in there making plans.  It was pretty amazing to hear her and it just made my day.....she said, "At last I have a vision for my future!  It's a library!"  I had to take a picture just so I will be able to remember where it all started because I am SURE we will be looking for many more bookshelves to add for her to fill up very soon.

I'm reminded of one of my favorite quotes by Walt Disney and it definitely applies to Linz.....

"If you can dream can do it!"  ~Walt Disney

Dream BIG my friends!



  1. What a great story, and what a great vision! I want to be first in line for a Lindsay's Library Palace library card! :-) Denny

  2. I am impressed Lindsay! I am a librarian at a college and your place is much neater than ours! Enjoy your books.


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