Schmoodge's Socks...

The view from here...

You know sometimes when you've had a tough day how you just can't wait to get home and change into your comfy clothes?  Well....that's the story of my day today.

It wasn't a bad day per se....just a very long day.
So I came home and found my favorite pair of schmoodgie jeans.....a comfy hoodie....and the only thing left was to find a nice pair of comfy socks.  We keep most of our family's socks in a basket that some years ago was dubbed "The Sock Market" by Bealy.  So....I went to the Sock Market and looked through it to find just the right socks (not really...I just needed socks!) and there in the basket was the perfect pair just waiting for me and the best part is....they belong to Bealy!  I have been feeling a little blue and missing her too so they were the perfect way to feel a little closer to my "Schmoodge Girl".
Thanks Bealy for "forgetting" them.  They were just the ticket to make my evening a little more magical.

Love you to infinity and beyond,
Mama Schmoodge


  1. Hahahaha I wondered where those went!! Thanks for finding them :)

  2. Finding whaaaaat? I dunno WHAT you're talking about! ;-)


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