Ok....that's pretty much the extent of MY Spanish vocabulary.

But....Britt's vocabulary is another story!  She just found out that she's been accepted in JMU's "Study Abroad" program for the summer semester of 2011!  She will spend six LONG exciting weeks in Salamanca, Spain. Being immersed in the language is going to be just the ticket for our lil' Spanish major.

It's really such a great opportunity and I know she will love it.  It's going to be a new experience for me too.  Having her not only away at school....but out of the country???  sigh.  A new "mama" experience too I guess.  I can't wait to hear all her travel stories and see all the amazing photos that I KNOW she will capture.

It's so wonderful having her home for Thanksgiving...and I am incredibly thankful for the love of my family and friends.

Here's the view from here....

Adios from here!  (oooh!  another Spanish word!)