Working Girl

Most of you know that since Linz graduated in June she has returned to OHS as a "Super Senior".  Kids with special needs can stay in school until they are 22 years old and work on their vocational skills.  We have been so blessed by their Internship Program at OHS that has allowed Linz to work at several libraries within the school system and community.  She absolutely LOVES it.  She is at the Metz Middle School Library and at Prince William County's Bull Run Library on alternating days.  We've gotten glowing reports on her performance at all of them and she is excited each day to "go to work".

The liaison at the Bull Run Library says that she comes right in, takes off her coat and grabs her cart of books to reshelve.   She's a girl on a mission!  She's especially great at finding books that have been put in the wrong place and she quickly gets them to their right spot.

There's a possibility that they will actually offer her a paying position (if the economy ever turns around).  We feel so blessed to see her so happy as she's out and about and making quite a name for herself  :-)

Here are a few pics of her hard at work.

Lindsay's book cart

Her official ID


Have a magical day!