Who Knew???

When Zach was in the 3rd grade he taught himself how to play the piano.  He started with "Heart and Soul" (a classic!) and moved on to "The Star Spangled Banner" complete with the harmony.  After awhile we were no longer able to play the duet part with him on Heart and Soul because he could play it in ANY key.  Mike and I, who both took piano lessons, can only play it...like most people...in the key of C.  He would hear a song on a video game and he could go sit down at the piano and play it.  Pretty incredible, right?

Well....my mom recently brought her laptop over for Mike to look at because her hard drive had gone belly up.  So it's been down in his workshop (or the "Man Cave" as I prefer to call it) for about a month.  He took it apart and had the fan, memory and other assorted parts and pieces like screws etc. strung out all over laid out in an organized manner on his workbench.  Wednesday night Mike came upstairs and said, "Um, Babe....by any chance did you go downstairs and put your mom's laptop back together?".  I laughed out loud.  Like I would have any clue how to do THAT.  I could stamp it, make a scrapbook about it, paint flowers on it, take pictures of it....but put a laptop together...um....not so much.

So he called Zach to come see us and said, "Zach, did you put Nannie's laptop together?  Did you put all the pieces together and screw them all in?"  Zach looked at him and simply said, "Yes".

We know Mike didn't do it....I didn't do it....Linz didn't do it...and Marley didn't do it.....So I can now tell you that my autistic son can take a laptop and put it all together again.

Who knew?  :-)

Have a great weekend!