Our Caped Crusader....

This is Mr. Lobster...

I've lost count WHICH Mr. Lobster it is.....
Ever since Marley has been in our family his favorite toys of all time have been the lobsters from Target.  Let me just say that I am quite the Target guru when it comes to finding lobsters.  They are apparently in high demand here in our little town because I've seen the lobster bin filled to the brim and then as empty as Grandpa's underwear drawer on wash day.

Our fearless hero is on the case....here to protect our family from the mean and sneaky Mister Lobster.  He's on the job!  The big question, as Britt will tell you, is just HOW LONG will the squeaker last.  He's a champ at making short order of all that stuffing and getting right down to the nitty gritty of that pesky squeaker.  We are all still in danger from that dastardly Mister Lobster....even when there's nothing left except those braided rope legs of his laying around the house.  Never fear though.....Marley is here to save the day!

Poor Mr. Lobster....after Marley retrieved the squeaker  :-(

He really does act like it's Christmas when I bring a new one home.  
It is absolutely adorable!

Just a few smiles from here to brighten your day.  :-)

Faith, Trust and Pixiedust,
Michelle (and Marley the Super Dog)