Artist At Work...

Linz has become quite the artist.  I can't remember exactly when she started (I'm sure she could tell you the exact day...the day of the week AND how the weather was that day!).  She does at least 1 or 2 drawings every day.  She started out drawing characters from the Dr. Seuss movie "Horton Hears A Who".  She has 2 HUGE notebooks full of drawings of all the "Who" daughters and their one brother, Jojo.  Then somehow she found the Smurfs and that's been her obsession for at least the last year.  She has probably over 200 drawings of Smurfs.  She draws freehand....she can just look at a picture of them and "poof" there you go.  At some point I'll post some of the assorted Smurfs she's created. 

While we were carving the pumpkin today I had put down freezer paper on the counter for easy clean up.  I asked Linz to draw me a Smurf while we waited for our hero, Sam, to get all the yucky "guts" cleaned out of it.  So....she just picked up a Sharpie and started drawing.  AMAZING! 

Just thought I'd share her "scribbles" with you.

Happy Halloween!