Dear Autism.....well?

Dear Autism ~ got me.

I logged onto Facebook and started seeing all of the events planned for the month of April for "Autism Awareness Month" and *poof*. Reality check. It's not like I woke up and had forgotten that not one but TWO of my kids have autism. How can I forget? I guess I just try not to let my head go to that place of all the unanswered questions too often. I don't like letting YOU, autism, define us....our family.

I'm sitting here feeling guilty for letting you ruin any part of any day. I know what the "reality" is. Doesn't mean I have to like it. I know that it's a good thing that the media doesn't just shove you under the rug and opt to report on more of the "fluff" out there in the world instead of educating people about how to deal with you and fight for the people you have claimed. It's just a reminder I guess.

It's ok. I know your days are numbered. We WILL find a cure!

Right now...I just have to breathe.
Right now....reality bites.


  1. You are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your real emotions.

    Left ya a little something on my blog...

  2. So wonderfully said Michelle. God has blessed you with such wonderful children. I know that "Alice" and "Tigger" feel such love from you and your husband.

    I have a Down-syndrome sister who is such a bundle of warmth and love and so full of God's special love for other people.

    Thank you for sharing such inspiration!


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