Makin' Memories

Sooooo much to tell.....and I can barely keep my eyes open!
I met my girlie girl at school around 3 yesterday and we helped get everything done, packed and loaded and voila....we were on our way! It was SO great that Britt, Zach, Mike and my parents could be there to see us off!

We headed out thinking that the weather was going to be wet and soggy at home and surely we'd be leaving that behind for the sunny Florida, WRONG!

It started raining before we left VA behind and rained most of the day today here in the "Sunshine" state. The good news is that it cleared up so that we could spend an absolutely perfect evening at Downtown Disney tonight.

I'm trying so hard to remember ALL of the things that Linz has said and done just since we pulled out of the school parking lot yesterday that have made my heart melt and choked me up and I'm losing count. She did say about an hour into the drive that she "had dreamed of this trip her whole life".

We both loved visiting the Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach. She was a shopping queen in that store!! She found lots of treasures and finally narrowed it down to a few that actually will find their way back home with us.

We made our way to Kissimmee and checked into our hotel which is beautiful! We are so fortunate to have a room to ourselves (yippee!!). We checked in and took the quickest showers we've ever taken so we could make it back down to the buses to head for Downtown Disney. Once we got there Linz and I were on our own. We spent the entire time just shopping to our heart's content! It was awesome. She had her Disney trading pin lanyard with her and was going up to almost every cast member she saw with one to see if they had pins she wanted to trade for. She also ended up buying several that were "SO perfect, Mom!"

I decided that she could pick what the two of us should have for dinner. Anywhere you want at Downtown Disney.....and she chose a hot dog stand!! So armed with all our packages, 2 hot dogs, two bags of chips and 2 sodas.....we sat out on a beautiful wall overlooking the water and just enjoyed each other's company. When she finished, she said "You know what would make this more perfect Mom? If Dad, Britt and Zach were here too". (choking up again just typing it....) It's so funny when I look at the difference in her when it's just us Lady Twins. I have seen her in a whole new light in just the last 24 hours and it's amazing. My heart honestly just bursts with love for her and I can't imagine her any other way than just how she is. What a blessing she is.

When I listened to some of the other "regular" kids on the bus on the trip down here I thought to myself that maybe "not regular" is the better way to be after all. She is SO thoughtful....SO kind....SO funny...and just the most incredible girl a mom could hope for. (Britt....when you read this don't say, "GEE THANKS!"....I know that YOU know what I mean!) She may have been the only one on the trip that opted to get her face painted, have a hot dog for dinner and not go to Disney Quest and stay at the arcade with the rest of the kids but I know we made memories that we BOTH will cherish forever.

Well, since I have to get up and at 'em in just a few short hours and she's already softly snoring behind me here on her bed in our hotel room, I guess I should sign off for now. There's SOOO much more to tell and some I will just keep locked in my heart forever.
Let me just say that I highly recommend being a Lady Twin. It makes my heart sing.

We're off to Magic Kingdom tomorrow bright and early! Lots of magic to be made!!

Faith, Trust and Pixiedust,