Today I hosted a "10-10-10" card workshop at my house. I had 12 wonderful ladies here and it was SO much fun. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

If you know me you know that all "events" need a theme! Today's was "Gettin' In The SPRING Of Things". So while the wind howled outside and the temperatures hovered quite low on the thermometer....we were inside creating and wishing spring to get here SOON!

If you've never participated (or heard of) in a 10-10-10 workshop, it's 10 cards for $10.00 and each card should take 10 minutes or less. I created some of my new "favorite" designs. I hope you like them. I'll post a few pictures now and a few more later.

I'm off to sleep now....and hoping to dream of spring.

Faith, Trust and Pixiedust,


  1. I love them!

    You know I will be borrowing those animal stamps! I love the colors on the first two cards but I love pink and green, too so I might be biased!!


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