"Peep" Show

Ok...I admit it.....


From my extensive research (ok...not so much...just my opinion) people either love 'em or they hate 'em. There's not usually a middle ground. So tonight as I strolled through WalMart with my mom we decided that the best way to deal with our feelings after hearing that we are getting MORE SNOW tonight and tomorrow....PEEPS were the answer to feeling better about things in general!

Then we stood there at the Peeps display deciding which color peeps would do the trick. I ended up with the hot pink ones.

I made it all the way out to my car before tearing the package open and eating 3 of them in quick succession! "What then?" you might ask.... Well as I savored those little pink confections I could almost close my eyes and feel the warm spring breeze blowing across my face while I floated back and forth in my trusty hammock all the while feeling the sun on my face and smelling the fresh cut grass. (It had to be said....even in a "run on" sentence).

So...I'm heading upstairs to put on my flannel pj's AGAIN and maybe tonight I'll dream of spring.


  1. I'm in southern PA, so right now we're not set to get much, and I hope it stays that way!!! I think you're right about the feelings towards Peeps. Personally, I like to open the package and let them get a little stale (about a day old) and then eat them. Yum, yum!!! Thanks for the little taste of Spring :)


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