A New Year...A New View

Well.....here goes. Round 2 of trying to understand "blogging".
I tried to get the hang of it last year and I never had time to figure it all out....and for those of you who already know me...you know I don't like doing things half way.

So I'm starting again and we'll see how it goes.

I'm going to be getting things in my "craft room" revamped and hopefully getting organized. I made myself schedule a 10-10-10 card class for March 6th so that I'd get things in gear and "get 'er done". I'm calling the class "Gettin' in the Spring of Things". Fun, huh?

I'll be posting pix of the cards we will be making here on my blog when I have them ready to debut.

So for now...that's about it. Just getting my feet wet in the Blog World..... Wish me luck!