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Shiplap Santa Tutorial


  1. I just wanted to reach out to you and say you touched my heart with your post from last night and all i can say is your children are so blessed to have you and your full love and God is lucky to have a woman like you. your full of grace in hardest of times you are a blessing to the world to your kids and to your followers. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my blended family problems and i get angry but you jus put into perspective for me we are lucky to live live in a world where we can share and just one other heart might feel our pain for a brief minuet and hopefully know you are not alone. Your babies cannot share in conventional ways but i believe as sure as there is God that they know love and comfort and they don't know what they don't have just what they do.. A mom and dad and family that will hold them when its dark or to bright! Thank you for listening to me, April

  2. Hello ~ are your tutorials digit downloaded or mailed?
    Thank You!


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